Living in my car

Bum ass bitch… Guarantee your broke ass will be the one sucking dicks for gas money. How do you work 6 days a week and end up having to live in your car because of $800 child support. do you work in a Chinese sweatshop?
Honestly you just seem delusional… “I was talking to a realtor about getting a townhouse”… My man’s going to go from the park bench to Park avenue


“current address you ask Mr Realtor? Oh, just pick one.”

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That sucks that 4 years later OP is back in his car. So all he did since then is bring another life (the baby he pays $800 a month for) into this earth?

Yo that’s crazy bros.

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Plot twist: OP is Stephan Bonnar

Imo the best thing to do is find the most remote rural campground you can and stay in a tent. A lot of states have areas with no facilities, no park rangers ect but a spot is only like $10/night.

I found myself in a spot when I lived in my car for a while and that’s what I did. You can sleep somewhere relatively safe without worrying about someone calling the cops on your or knocking on your window asking you to leave.

Haven’t you ever spoken to someone that just got out of prison, they always have a plan , they’re going to change and turn their life around. But right now they just need a helping hand, it’s not because they’re lazy it just that they haven’t had the breaks that other people got.

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First Landing State Park Campground

US-60, Virginia Beach, VA 23459
(800) 933-7275 First Landing State Park Campground - Google Search

This is the OG personified. OP asks for advice. OG gives good advice. OP doesn’t like it or take it, then goes silent.


Drugs and lies are one thing… but socks …well, that’s a whole nother…

Anyone that pretends to have cancer is a true piece of shit. Anyone that pretends to have cancer and also says shit like “my daughter needs money too!” REALLY deserves to be fucked up.

It’s totally cool though, I’m sure OP is just trying his best and reaching out to the charitable good hearts of the OG.


Socks was a piece of shit…I sent him money. I’ve sent a few pieces of shit here money. I’m just a dumb Canadian so I can’t be held accountable


Honestly I’m a dumb American so…I can’t be one to judge. All I know is there good peeps here…and it’s rough to see scamming shit occur. I think that’s basically my whole point, whatever it’s worth.


Oh I agree with you my friend, what’s socks did was 100 percent scumbag shit and he took a few caring members for a lot of money. The pieces of shit people I’ve sent money to haven’t dissuaded me from sending money to other members. I’ll continue to be a generous retard lol

Cheers dude, you’re one of my favorites here…full homo


I do aim to please…no homo…ok maybe some full homo, perhaps not all-the-way homo, but OG homo, which is better than all the above homo…

Seriously tho, if OP is genuine I would feel bad. I just wish it was easier to trust people. These days taint easy…


I am who I say I am and I am being genuine. I don’t want any money from anyone. No donations of any kind.

For the record 4 years ago shit turned around quick. This is just bad timing on everything. Fuck it shit happens. I’ll survive and get back on my feet. I might get held down for a little bit but never forever.

People up here are so quick to judge about others but don’t know that all it takes is one bad day to lose it all. Stay humble.


i have no idea how it is that buying a property is a feasible option for you, yet you are living in your car and need advice. this does not compute, OP. this seems like the kind of thinking that left you squatting at your friends house with the mindset that you are going to change things tomorrow/next week/next month.

btw. OP. if you have been here long enough you would realize that this kind of thread has been done a million times. it always starta with “here is my sad situation”, but it quickly devolves into “here is a glimpse into my character” which is really where the work is needed.

do you think you sister was justified in blocking your number?

You story wasn’t about 1 bad day losing it all. You were staying with a friend for 2 months and had enough time to prepare yourself to move. You aren’t telling the full story.

What’s your budget for renting a place?

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He don’t need to rent. He’s buying a townhouse!


That PMI is no joke! lol

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