Living in my car

It wasn’t until you started acting like an asshole that everyone started piling on.


Took about 5 posts! Unreal

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This would get OP out of his car and into a townhouse in record time.


Your timeline of living arrangements and your sister having supposedly gained permanent anger issues from having to deal with long term dementia care of your mom, sure does cast doubt on your new plot twist of being such a benevolent person lol

Mad at the friend after mooching off his kindness for months, try dumping your fucking dog on your sister while admitting she has to take care of her bedridden mom with dementia who can’t speak….”but she’s too angry to help ME too in my time of need” then

Instant anger at genuinely good advice on here because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear and/or if we’re being honest… wasn’t an offer of Direct Help… like “hey little Buddy… what’s your PayPal I can throw you a little something something” or “come on OG let’s see if we can help a brother out… anyone match my Fiddy?” That’s what you wanted ya dope fiend. The old ask without asking routine.

Or this was a troll. Reread the paragraph about your sister taking care of your mom and being too angry to help you get through your time of need lol

Straight narcissist, dope fiend or 10/10 troll


Probably a combination of all three.


I’d say not a troll based on how fast OP got angry. Was surprising.

Can totally see him being a dope fiend, that makes total sense


Hey op contact me…I want to get to know you better.


OP seems to have run off into the sunset now that he is not getting the attention he thinks he deserves.

Maybe he is coming to find me to say it to his face, or maybe he is begging his friend to take him back to continue squatting for a few more months

You will be fine as long as you live out of range of his homes gas mileage.


Crazy coincidence that OP “doesn’t know” who socks was, yet he made those comments in his last LIVING IN MY CAR thread. He even added him as a friend on FB. I’m sure it’s purely a coincidence right? Or am I a huge ass hole and it’s all my fault? Or will you even address this OP?

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Wait. OP is Josey Wales?

No, OP has had the same SN since back in 2017. I just screenshot SOCKS acknowledging that he friend requested OP and it was accepted.

Oh oh oh ok.

Yeah. Op’s a piece of shit.



He would talk shit to Ian if he didn’t tell him he was doing everything 100% correctly.

OP is a POS clearly, why do these fags get off on this shit? Cant you try and scam your corner boy pussy? Right…he would ruin you to your face, gotta scam internet peeps.

What was sock’s story? It must have been fucking terrible for people to give him that much.