Living in my car

He didnt offer to suck our dicks either too be fare

Found OP

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I didn’t really pay attention to that much at all. I’m not giving anyone money here, I have a background that makes me question anything like that and usually assume bullshit scam, but I don’t want to insult people being generous, even if I do think they are being stupid. You just have to let some things run their course.

I remember skimming the thread few times and reading about a homeless guy with cancer, needing money for gifts for his kids (I think), and pictures of bloody turd on the ground for “proof”. It always seemed like ridiculously bad bullshit. Crazy thing is, I think the forum needed the infinite wisdom of forum Spreadsheet Psycho/King of all Bullshit Tryhardnobody to help them get to the bottom of it. 30+ thousand later, lol.

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You could almost make a movie on all that shit. The way it unfolded i remember being wild as fuck…idk how many hours I spent on that damn thread.

Anybody that takes advantage of genuinely good people, in the name of cancer and daughter, deserve to not only get fucked up, but prison time.

Idk if he was doxxed? Did he face any type of legal repercussions? There’s no way what he did was legal.

Fuck, this shit is eerie. Makes me sick reading it.

I get it your point and don’t disagree, but…I don’t want to live my only life with my baseline as other people are pieces of shit. I’m in a position I can give a little. If 90% of the time I’m giving to a POS, so be it. The 10% that it actually helps is worth it IMO. I think that’s probably a better % than most charities get.


OP - very curious…you’ll be in a place in a few days. What did you do to pick yourself up and make that happen and what is your new circumstance?

As soon as I posted about him actually knowing socks I knew he’d never come back in this thread. Fuck OP and Socks

I did ot a few seasons in J-Tree in early 1990s. Good fun when young but gets tough, especially in shitty weather

Come on. You’re not on Reddit. Quit with the toughguy talk.


You’re ready now

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Welcome to the layer of miserable posters. We mean well, but always get a bad rep from the “sensitive ones”

Us ourselves are even sensitive, but our eyes are too blind to see. Welcome to under the stairs.

There’s no way out. You can’t delete. You must whithersoever