lloyd irvin students=class act

i was sitting next to the lloyd irvin students today and they are a great bunch,the respect they showed for master lloyd as well as their teamates and the other competetors was awesome.i spoke to danny ives for an hour or so and the guy is a total class act,master lloyd is doing a great job with his students,not only are they great competetors they are great,down to earth people


Easton is a badass

Lloyd should get his shit together and run the personal development seminar circuit if he hasn't already done so. Any idea if there is an NYC affiliate in the works?

Master Lloyd is a class act. Mike Easton and Brandon Vera... are also both class acts, beasts, and Master Lloyd students. Wait until UFC gets 145 lb division... the world will see Mike Easton.

"the world will see Mike Easton."


irvin has some newer guy in the super heavyweight division and the guy is quick as lightning and got good flexibility,and the kicker is hes around 280 lbs of solid muscle, master lloyd is going to create a super competetor in this man,the guy won his division but im not sure what division it was