Lloyd Irvin's Book?

Has anyone received their book yet? How long did it take for him to ship the book to you? Is the book worth the money and the hype? I'm thinking about getting it.

If you're talking about the bodyweight exercise book, it's pretty good, though you could get most info about the exercises off the internet.

There's an interesting dice game and some good ideas for training programs.

If you're talking about the grappling game plan, I think it's a bit early for anyone to have got it just yet.

I was talking about the bodyweight exercise book. How long did shipping take?

ttt, anyone?

ttt for some info...

I want to know when this "Grappling Game Plan" package that I bought will be shipped. I bought into the whole 72 hour pre-release for list members thing, and have not heard a thing since I paid for the package.

Sorry to take so long, bjjstudent2.

I live in Australia, the book took slightly over 3 weeks to get here, which compares well with US orders from other suppliers I have placed in the past.

ov1, same here - though the book was the same sort of ordering hype and deal, so I'm hoping for a similar shipping time.