LMAO @ Next big thing (vid)

Is he serious?! Watch the grappling and striking especially.


What a Fag. He really needs to at least go to 1 jiu-jitsu class. it seems he has watched an old pride to get his submission skills.

I love his "belly to belly suplex into arm bar".
What a knob.



What a tool. It looks like he had trouble doing everything. He didn't even complete a single (proper) rep on ANY of those exercises.

It looked liked the dummy was gonna get the better of him with that triangle sweep.

He had a hell of a time with the "armbar". Funniest bs shit i've seen in a while!

if that is serious then this world is dumber than i thought

That just made my day. Wow, great stuff. I wonder if he could have his knees any further apart on that armbar.

yeah he could of been spread eagle.

Oh shit! Who let the animal out of the cage?

He is awesome.


"It looked liked the dummy was gonna get the better of him with that triangle sweep"



Him v Kimbo should be set up NOW.

Zuffa make it happen!

I know I keep adding to my own thread but............

EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How can you not be embarrassed by that video on the web?

300lb incline Press
120lb dips
80lb Crunches
300lb Deadlifts.

Then Striking.

Then MMA.

Then Leglocks

Then Steak and Chicken.

Some people ... just ... I don't know I have a headache from watching that.

that dude doesn't do full extensions

i see this type in the gym all the time

i guess he just wants all mass

Well at least he used a good song LOL, haven't listened to Prodigy in a while.

Ummm btw, was I just miscalculating the weight or was most of the lbs way off from what the screen said. So besides doing the exercises wrong, he's actually inflating the numbers.

I think he did it as a joke.  If you look to the right above his other videos his name is Bigjoepinkbelt.  At least I hope it was a joke.

What's even better is the video listed about 6 down on the right for "UFC style fighting"