LMAO. Shields can barley sumbmit bullies, but...

He's gonna submit GSP. Ok. he wouldn't even engage Mayhem, and was very lucky to get by Henderson. Props, he did survive Dan's KO power, but, man, very crazy statement.

01ers gonna 01

and you can "barley" spell submit

i could definitely see Jake blanketing GSP on his way to a decision win. sub win? not so sure.

gsp will give him a submission once shields unleashes that POWERFUL VEGGIE GNP

The barley was veggie sarcasm, bro. j/k, good catch. yeah, I think the blanket will be strong in this one. Maybe the potential for the most boring match of all time. But you never know. Both dudes always find a way to win. GSP usually dominates, and Shields has a great record, but always looks like he gets lucky to get the W, even when he is supposed to dominate.

Shields will not even take him down let alone sub him.GSP will do the same thing he did to Kos.I think GSP tkos him on the feet and if it hits the ground GSP will be on top.People like to underestimate GSP and over estimate Shields.Yes i know he took down Henderson but GSP is on another level right now.

 GSP by KO all day son

Wrong. GSP by sumbmission. Phone Post

GSP by being a superior athlete and by doing whatever he wants.