LMFAO @ Big Country

Has anyone seen the photo Roy just posted of him and Nate Diaz on Facebook? I know the rules, ill post the link in a minute! Phone Post

I have no facebook. I have no friends.

Large Nation, IMHO


clearly a lightweight frame

he looks so happy and jolly

the geek -

Someone should shop that into a hover hand lol. Phone Post 3.0

Gotta love Big Country. One of a kind guy.

Thanks for posting the photos guys. LOL @ Roys shirt. Phone Post

Awesome pics Phone Post

MightMakesRight - You gotta love Big Country
This! Phone Post 3.0

dana is gonna sue him for using his name without expressed written permission!!

I will always read " dana f*ckin white" Phone Post 3.0

MightMakesRight - You gotta love Big Country
This Phone Post 3.0

the geek -

DFW jr. isn't going to like this Phone Post 3.0

dana is just jealous of all that hair


Dude would look 15 years younger without all that hair and beard Phone Post