LMFAO @ this armbar defense!!!


Can a blue please help?

ok not sure how to embedd though

Thx shaq!

Was he choking himself out with his own gi?

Worked perfectly, he did not get armbarred!


Thats funny.....

That's good. I just might try that.

I laughed

Why would he post this? LMAO!

Pretty sure this is a joke.


It's unbreakable.

LoL Phone Post

clattymine - 

Worked perfectly, he did not get armbarred!


100% success rate!

X choke armbar defense. No can defend..from self Phone Post

Was already posted weeks ago.

Did he just x-choke himself lmao. Phone Post

If anyone makes this man tap, you better bet it is himself Phone Post

Lol in one of his other videos he mentions mat battle. Is he a UGer? Phone Post

Brody from homeland does not tap. Phone Post

That would be a GREAT initiation ritual. Tell the NOOB to do this and you make him choke himself out.

It's also socially easier to get over as opposed to an oilcheck in front of everyone.