LMFOL at James Toney at press conf

At the press conf. after the klitschko Sanders fight Toney grabbed the mic and called klitschko out saying the fight was garbage and he will destroy him.I agree completely, he also had choice comments for every other name thrown at him "sorry ass Chris bird" Tyson "anytime any place", Jirov,"he has'nt recovered from what I did to him last year".He even told a German reporter he would kick his ass.Toney just wants to fight and if he has to get press this way to get those fights then so be it.At least someone has the balls to put some excitement back in the division.Toney is the man and the future undisputed hvwt champ of the world.

I love JT! Finally a fighter with the right attitude! The division needs someone who can deliver some heat. This is the worst group of heavyweights I've seen in over 30 years as a boxing fan....just pathetic.

How dare that punk insult the great Vitali Klitchsko. I expect him to retract those statements after Vitali and Wladimir confront him in a dark alley and rough him up sometime in the next few days. Mark my words we will see him on the Jim Rome show next week, all bandaged up saying something like "I meant to say that it was an exciting fight, full of thrills and chills, and I don't think anyone in the division can seriously challenge Vitali Klitchsko."

what has vitali really done better?
lose to a out of shape overweight lewis, beat a obese jonson, struggle and gets tagged and hurt against a 39 year old overweight out of shape golfer
vitali is very overrated,i hate to say it but ruiz would beat vitali

I agree with most of what Tommy said except the john ruiz part.

I don't understand some of you who are on the
bandwagon one minute and off it another minute,
pulling splinters from your ass. Is James Toney a
colorful, highly skilled fighter? Yes, obviously. Has
he proved that he will be a force in the heavyweight
division because he beat an over-the-hill Evander
Holyfield? Hardly. I would pick Vitali over Toney
because of the enormous size difference and the
fact that Vitali can take a good shot. Is it Vitali's
fault that some of his opponents have come in in
less-than-stellar shape? Did they go the distance
with him? No, he knocked out both Johnson and
Sanders. The Lewis fight? Vitali was WINNING on
all of the judge's scorecards when the fight was
stopped on that bad cut. Vitali rocked Lewis in the
second round and had Lewis holding on for dear
life. Is Vitali a perfect heavyweight? Hardly. But he
is probably the best out there right now in a weak
division and I hope that Toney steps into the ring
with him so that his mouth will be closed
permanently. At the very least, you guys have to
give some credit where credit is due.

That Ruiz could beat Vitali is one of the most
outrageous statements that anyone on this forum
has made in a long time... care to retract it?

Toney is a classless, loudmouth piece of shit.

I really don't like Toney

How would Toney get inside on Vitali?

Toney is head and shoulders above every other hvwt out there now, talent wise.I like Vitali, but he is only as successful as he is because the division is weak.He is talented enough to be a top ranked heavy, but not the man in the div. I say an in shape Corey Sanders would have beat him.His south paw stance gave him trouble and when ever he through the right hand before the left Vitali got tagged.He started getting out of the way of them when Sanders was so tired he was throwing them from a mile out with no lead in jab.Vitali is overated and Toney will soon clean up the div.

I don't know if Slick is trolling or not but it's not out of the realm of possibility that James Toney could make a serious title run.

This is the worst the heavyweight division has looked in a long time, with every top 10 contender being flawed in one way or another.

Toney's got skills that most of these lumbering whales would have no idea what to do with. In my mind the only question is how much he will be affected by that Achilles injury.

James has the chin and style to give a lot of people problems, but lets see how he does against a McCline or other bigger guy before we proclaim him as a future champion. Evander was more than one quart short in the fight with JT, but I will still give Toney props for an impressive performance.

The 5ft8 and soft 230 pound James "Fats" Toney will not only be given a basic boxing lesson by Dr Ironfist, but Tubs will also be given a crash course in diet and nutrition.

"By setting traps and exploiting Vitali's pawing jab and clumsy defense. Of course, since Vitali is so rangy and cautious, he'll have problems. But Vitali's just clumsy and mechanical enough for it to work."

Vitali wouldn't plod inside the way Jirov did, and he wouldn't be as easy to hit as Evander was so I don't see the traps working often, besides, after being unloaded on by Lewis and Sanders, I don't think there is much Toney could.... oh what the hell...



I would love to see this fight. Vitaly would get owned on the inside. I have never been a James Toney fan and I believe that he is overrated by many, but he still has far more skills than any of the sorry ass heavyweights currently out there.

Toney has great skill, far greater than anyone else in the HW division, but he is past his prime and his athleticism has diminished. Not to mention he is at a severe disadvantage in size and now with his injured achilles tendon who knows how his mobility will be. His win over Holyfield was impressive and the one over Jirov was even more so, but there are still some big question marks about Toney as a HW. I think we need to see more before we start talking about him taking over the decision.

Toney has serious skills...period. I'd love to see him in with some of the big heavies to see how he'd fare.

You can hate his attitude, but you can't take away the things he can do in the ring.

I don't understand why it is a problem if you have watched boxing at all to understand that the Toney is the most talented thing in the HVWT Div. right now.If the div was strong he would'nt become champ.He is probably too small too beat talented, big heavyweights,but a great little man beats an average big man any day.Look at Toneys career, he even gave roy trouble at times.He is not only better physcally but he is a throw back student of the game and what he brings to the ring mentallity wise is enough to beat anyone in the div. right now.Of course anything can happen and that is why the fights need to happen.To act like toney being champ is'nt possible though is ignorant.

toney is one of most skilled fighters around right now

What is f****** wrong with you guys? Did you even see the RJJ-Toney fight? Roy kicked his a** from pillar to post and would do it again if he fought Toney again. RJJ blew him out in that fight. He gave Roy no trouble whatsoever. He beats geriatric Evander Holyfield and now he is the best heavyweight in the division? Do you know how I now that I'm right? Gator thinks that Toney would beat Vitali...