Loaded Weekend

All three major MMA promotions in the United States are putting on shows this weekend. Strikeforce's 16th edition of their Challengers Series kicks it off on Friday from the Seattle, Washington area as hometown favorite Caros Fodor takes on James Terry in the main event and Ryan Couture tries to start his professional career off with 3 straight wins. As a side note, all Challengers shows will move to Zuffa's home base of Las Vegas after this event.

Saturday, Bellator 46 starts their Summer Series and if you haven't been watching Bellator yet, now's a good time to start because the whole main card will be the beginning of their featherweight tournament. I've become a huge fan of Bellator... The fights are exciting, the tournaments keep you interested and they've signed some extremely good talent for these upcoming shows including former Sengoku champion Marlon Sandro who will be in the main event of Bellator 46. Sandro's a BJJ black belt known for his knock out power and he's looking to impress everybody with his debut. After that, his goals are pretty clear... "win this tournament and become a world champion".

Wrapping the weekend up for us is UFC on Versus 4: Marquardt vs. Story on Sunday. Rick "The Horror" Story had the biggest win of his career at UFC 130 beating Thiago Alves and how does he celebrate it? By taking on the former #1 middleweight contender Nate "The Great" Marquardt in his welterweight debut less than a month later. You've got to respect a guy who isn't all talk and Story is proving he isn't. He wants to get to the top, he wants to fight big names and he's doing everything he can to do just that. Marquardt is a great test for Story and Nate still wants his first taste of UFC gold as well. His first step towards a possible showdown with friend and training partner Georges St. Pierre begins Sunday against a tough, gritty Rick Story who feels it's his time.

Throw in a top notch kickboxing event "It's Showtime 2011 - Amsterdam" and one of the most interesting fighter interviews ever in "The Voice vs. Badr Hari" both on HDNet on Friday and hopefully our DVR's don't run out of space!


yes sir a loaded weekended indeed

UFC is Sunday night, at least according to the UFC website.

But yes, loaded weekend.

We have an event each night.

Chimonos Revenge - UFC is Sunday night, at least according to the UFC website.

But yes, loaded weekend.

We have an event each night.

See what happens when you assume?? Lol thanks for that man... I'll make the changes!

Archangel - yes sir a loaded weekended indeed
I know what youre thinking.. lol

Oh.. and loaded indeed