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It's being reported that WWE officials have been changing a lot of their WrestleMania plans over the past week or so, and as of right now the only thing that is fairly certain is a SummerSlam rematch between Brock Lesnar and Triple H.
With Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship currently still penciled in for WrestleMania, don't be surprised to see Sheamus win the Royal Rumble Match for the second year in a row. Nothing is concrete yet, but as of right now Sheamus is definitely considered a favorite to win the Rumble match.


Oh my gawd Phone Post

Nooooooooooooooooo Phone Post

Sometimes I feel like a member of creative has direct access to my brain. And they get in there, and see exactly what it is I absolutely fucking hate with every fiber of my being. And then they decide to book exactly that.

I think Vince is doing it on purpose to piss off the Internet fans lol

Barry_BondsMVP - 

I think Vince is doing it on purpose to piss off the Internet fans lol

Either this, or they are desperate as all fuck to get the Irishman over. Live crowds generally don't respond well to him from what I've seen. The only thing Sheamus has going for him is the support of Trips and...well that's about it.

Honestly I can't even pinpoint what it is about the guy that makes me detest him so much. About the only thing I can say is his jokes are consistently corny as all fuck. His ring work is decent enough, but especially boring; although me finding him boring could just be a result of not liking the guy whatsoever. I can remember tuning in here and there years ago when he was running around as a heel and just flipping right on thru because he'd be on the TV.

Last year he eliminated jericho last and it was soooooo disappointing, please dont do this to me again. Im hoping for miz to make an impact at this years rumble Phone Post

I liked him when he was tweening an didnt try to be the funny Irishmen Phone Post

I still like the lad Phone Post

In ring he's good but his character stinks.

I'm okay with it though, IF Zig cashes in the MITB case that night. They open with the World title anyway, so he could do it at the last minute or something. Phone Post

I seriously want one year where a low carder wins it. Like have hunico win or something. Phone Post

If he is supposed to be this badass irish brawler type, then have vkm bring back the Hardcore Title and put it on him or Wade Barrett..

Then let Ziggy battle for the WHC Title..

Cmon' Vince..!! Phone Post

Here's the scenario I'd like to see, which will never fucking happen but whatever.

Sheamus wins the rumble, then goes on a tremendous losing streak heading into mania. A few vignettes of people like Cena reassuring him, trying to build his believe again only for him to lose yet again next time out. After he loses on the grandest stage of them all, he leaves to try and rediscover his Celtic warrior roots and get back on track. After a few weeks off, run sn interview with him where he talks about how he's found the perfect guy to help him get back on track and dominant again. Then begin airing some Rocky/Mickey style vignettes of Sheamus training with his new mentor...Finlay. Sheamus then returns as a more ruthless, violent powerhouse with Finlay in tow, culminating in a title win a month or two later and a new heel for the top of the card Phone Post

SaintVon Barksdale - ^ man I got to here:

" After a few weeks off, run sn interview with him where he talks about how he's found the perfect guy to help him get back on track and dominant again"

and thought "fucking Finlay b".

LMAO - you and me both.

They have no business trying to get Sheamus over at the corny-joke cracking face. It just doesn't work for him. He either needs to be a tweener, quiet and brutal face, or monster heel.

But, Sheamus has a look I'm sure creative thinks appeals to the kids - big, muscular, pasty-white, bright red hair that sticks way in the air, etc. Any 8-year old kid with a sharpie, red marker, and piece of posterboard can draw Sheamus.

Problem is that it just isn't working.

I wasn't a fan when they brought him up too fast and put the belt on him so early, but the guy doesn't bother me now. He's good in the ring and good as a heel. But the persona they've tried to give him (i.e. - the Irish Cena) just doesn't work.