Local Craigslist Rare Car Finds

Besides looking for "male connections" in a local Home Depot parking lot, CL is an interesting place to look for cars.  I look for cars on there almost out of habit now or a hobby from since looking for my wife's car, selling my car, and looking for possible trades.  

You find some interesting stuff on there.  Some really shady stuff with degenerates lying.  Between that, you can find some cool stuff.  

For example:

1992 Toyota Supra Turbo with only 62K and one owner.  Sure, the guy is asking for an absurd amount, but it is pretty rare to find a Supra not fucked with that has one owner with that low of miles.  Not the 93+ Surpa, but a cool car.


What defines a "rare" care?  That is up to you.  Could be an exotic car.  Could be a car with absurdly low miles.  Could be a car that is modified correctly that you like it.  You make up the rules.  Post what you find.  

1989 300zx with only 6,000 miles and one owner.


1989 Merkur XR4Ti 7,900 miles.


The one here is loaded with junk and crazy prices

Ebay gets most of the real classic stuff

War Potato - http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/4645209222.html

I feel like if I went to get this I'd leave missing a few vital organs.

72 240z Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, obvious scam.