Local Dream Fights?

List them here...

Nuri Shakir vs. Kenny Florian (a rematch, but this time with closed fists!)

Luis Hicks vs. Randy Rowe

Sean Gannon vs. Jay White


Richard vs. Hutchins. The REAL War of '04.

dude...how many times do I have to tap that goof out?


But it has to be in front of everyone.

And we need a post-match truffle shuffle.

richards vs rita

giant lee mayone vs luis hicks

"Luis Hicks vs. Randy Rowe"

Somebody make that happen.

muahahaha Hicks/Rowe would be off the hook. What about
Jorge Rivera vs Lance Everson? Would do nothing for either
guys career cause of weight diff and notoriety, but what the

I've been told i'm a sick bastard for suggsting this but:

Kimbo vs Giant Lee

...comeon. Who wouldn't want to see that.

-Jim Clifford

KImbo vs Giant Lee...hmmmm...cliford I like the way you think

Attonito/Everson is starting to look good