Local match ups for this year?

Who would you guys like to see matched in a fight this year?

Personally I would love to see a fight against Kym Robinson and Gerald (thought G said he might get down to around low 90kgs) Think this would be a great match as both have great grappling, subs, about the same amount of fights and would think (not that I have seen alot) but their stand up would be roughly on par.

P.s no presure to get back into the ring G ;)

Hey Keats,

Thanks for the interest mate. I'm training hard and in good shape to fight again, walking around at about 99kg currently, I could drop to 93kg if required.

I am likely to compete in the ADCC Trials in Sydney next month and looking to make a return to MMA competition soon after, nothing definite yet.

Kym Robinson is a very talented fighter and would be a tough match for anyone in his division, including me. I would like to fight a Grappler sometime as most of the guys I have fought have been Strikers, Soa would be the exception.

Good match.



Good to hear all is going well G.

Would love to see you and Kym square off as I think with the standard of subs you both have it would make for a very interesting match up.

Anyway hope all keeps going well and hope to see you back in the ring soon (Melbourne would be a good place to make a comeback, if nothing else just so I could rub it in Tanks face) ;)


Would be great to compete in MMA in Melbourne, a home match of sorts?

Also very keen to compete in a Cage as I think it would complement my game!



Is there any state in Australia that isn't a home match for you? ;)

Would love to see you in a cage ;)

Seriously I also think the cage would suit you to a tee.

But don't like the chances of Gerald/Kym in a cage in Melbourne.

What ever happened to the cage fights lined up in WA?

And to think I was contemplating a return to the heavyweight division :P Nah you can come down to 93kg and bring a fake tan with you..

I agree..would be a pretty cool match. Ive never thought about it, before this.

After my KOTC fight I hope to focus on wrestling and grappling competition and training. We shall see though.

Good luck in training Gerald !!

Have fun


Volcano Spain/Brandon Bell/Te Paa/Schaffa
Volcano Spain/Brandon Bell/Te Paa/Schaffa

Any combination would rock

Volcano Spain/Brandon Bell/Te Paa/Schaffa
Volcano Spain/Brandon Bell/Te Paa/Schaffa

Any combination would ro


When I competed in Perth against Soa, they introduced me as a Melbourne fighter and the crowd boo'ed me when I entered, kind of ironic as I am kind of a Perth boy too???

Perth or Melbourne would be home matches for me!!

Wil Cunningham was looking to get a Caged Event happening in Perth late last year. It didn't go ahead, not exactly sure why?

I'll see what I can find out.


Thanks Kym, you too.

I think Dave Foki picked a very exciting match when he suggested Kyle Noke vs George Sotiropoulos, that would be a war of technique and experience, both very talented fighters with huge futures!!!


Rich Buhrmann vs Brandon Bell.
Noke vs Pezutti.
Tony Green vs Tama Tahunna

if i had a good striking coach i'd love to see how i'd go against ian schaffa

Soa vs Mal Foki (Soa to get to 110-12kg)

Dennis Roberts vs Matt Foki

Swailes/Bell or Wildchild vs George.S

Tony Green vs Cuttajar

Trihey vs James Tehuna

Mark Hunt vs My missus

Put it this way............Hunt wouldn't stand a chance!
closes explorer quickly as missus walks past

you get the feeling that dave has already been submitted bigtime!!!!

i wish i knew how to post sound effects
makes whipping sounds


Could be a good fight then, what is she asking.....lol

some others Ill throw in for the mix

Ian Schaffa Vs Matt Tepaa

Matt Knight Vs Matt Johansen

if we're talking about the mix at around 70kg, i think the real names to be kicking around are...

scaffa, te paa, wild, buhrmann, swailes, and then maybe...just maybe...hmmmmm scratches chin ...yeah why not mallia too! :p

Buhrmann, What about Colin Crosby???

Geez, your gonna be busy this year Matt if you get your way!

Would love to see the rematch with Noke! If you want to see 2 Maori boys bach shit outta each other, come to KOTC! Mal vs Tehuna will accomadate ya!