Local match-ups you wanna see?

wondering what local match-ups Hawaii fans wanna see? lets hear 'em...

me vs erin. no gi. no time limit. no cops.

thread killer!

Guy Nakashima vs Casey Daniels

^^interesting match up!

Kamaka vs Dirty Curty.
Oh wait.....

JJD vs...Mic Fanning!

uh oh...


Guy Nakashima vs Casey Daniels

huh. interesting.  i dont even know where Guy fights out of.  isnt he the HFC champ?  he should be fighting in Icon if he's a belt-holder.

guy n. was one of baret's students. strong wrestler and sub guy. works for sylvia luke if i recall.

Yes, HFC 185 champ. I believe he was training with 808 but I'm not sure if hes still there.

The last I heard is Guy is training at 808 as well.

HFC 185 Title = Michael Brightmon (in the last event)

that guy gets around.

He fights every week or so it seems.

i thought Guy won some title at HFC. which title was that, if Brightmon is the MW champ.

you say TITLE, I say TEETLE

you say mmA, i say mm-AH

TITLE, TEETLE, mmA, mm-AH, we best call the whole thing offff.....

in best harry connick jr voice

The HFC has multiple champs in each division. Nobody knows why or understands it. I believe Guy Nakashima (HFC II), Mike Creech (HFC III), and Michael Brightmon (HFC V) have each won HFC 185 "championship" matches. But none of them faced each other.