local metal band

I got an email from a local metal band called "5 Minutes Hate" asking me to replace their current frontman who is leaving for penn. I had heard a few good things about them, particularly their drummer, and i knew one of their guitarists as being a pretty talented metal head, so i went to their site


to check them out.

Holy shit, listen to the drummer. The guy is like...18 year old. Unreal.



Holy crap, thats pretty intense.

Cool website. How do you sing like that without killing your throat?

Well, it seems to me that there are a few different ways to sing that way. You can either "yell" so loud that it shreds up your vocal chords or you can turn it on and off like a switch, in which case it doesnt have to be quite so loud.

The latter seems a bit gentler on the chords (and often sounds better) and although it will make you pretty raw for the day you'll get used to it in time. I can actually attain a pretty decent vocal quality while singing, even though i screamed for years on a daily basis.

Anyway, that vocalist in those recordings is considered rather poor, by my standards. But how about the rest of the band?

I'm definitly considering trying out. If i do, i'm positive i'll get it, since they all know who i am (from my old band) and the guitarist said that i fit in well with what they're looking for.


Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of that singing style at all.

The band seems to have their shit together for sure. That drummer is great. I'd say go for it, if nothing else it should be fun.

What was your previous band? Would I have heard of it?

Naw. We were a local project that had a lot of strong local support. We kind of ushered in a big change in our scene, so all of the old scenesters know about us, and all the young kids do as well. You build up a sort of legendary status without really doing anything after a few years go by. We went by many names.

To be honest, most people dont like the screaming at first. The drummer in my old band HATED it, but one day he found a band he really loved so he tolerated the sound of the vocals. After a while, he did a complete 180 and would only listen to bands that had screaming! Now, of course, he's diversified his tastes and likes everything that is art, but you could get used to it.

I suggest the band Glassjaw's first album called "Everything you've ever wanted to know about silence." It's easily offending, very harsh, and has some screaming to it, but it is art. They have a song about the singer's battle with Crohn's Disease (is that right?) and his childhood spent in a hospital.

"cry for dawn. gratis. bored. I'm the matador of the childrens ward."

It's the only song that's ever made me cry. It is art in the truest sense of my definition, and if it isn't reason enough to scream until you can't speak anymore, then i dont know what is.

That's why i do it.

And yes i do like to watch the kids dance ;)


I'll check out Glassjaw and 'Dictius te necare', they sound really interesting.

Your right about that style growing on you, I've been listening to a lot of Merzbow lately - five years ago I would have thrown his discs out the window.

No, I'll have to check it out. That guy really messes with my head.

I've been listening to 1930, its amazing.

Where are they from? I really dig the music part, but the vocals need to be stonger, not such a strained sound.

They are from vermont.

DB, you check out glassjaw?



I'm gonna check them out right now.


Thats some heavy stuff, whoa.

I see what you mean about the singing, he actually has a voice he can sing or scream with. Pretty cool. 'Everything you've ever wanted to know about' is really powerful.

I'm looking for Bethlehem now Bonglock, its coming pretty slow.