lock levelling build?


im no expert but i levelled my lock 1-60 through drain tanking. first five points into imp corruption, next 2 into imp lifetap, 3 into drain life. then fill up fel concentration, then the range talent and nightfall, three points into suppression, then siphon life and finish off drain life. then get shadow mastery.

what i would do is dot the mob, stick the succubus on it, lifetap my mana back and drain life until the mob died.

you dont kill stuff fast but you reduce downtime because you dont have to drink or eat very often

my problem with dark pact is that i had to use it like fifty times or something to get my mana back, took forever.

Soul link worked pretty good for me by doting up 2-4 mobs at the same time rinse and repeat also and its relly hard for people to gank you if your on a PvP server.

soul link is the end talent of the demonolgy tree it transfers 30% of all damage taken to your pet, and after lvl 25ish it becomes realy hard for your pet to tank anything.


Thanks Pun.

yep. There are 3-4 pretty good levelling builds. Locks are an incredibly diverse class

Go affliction for leveling.