Lockdown coming for Toronto and maybe Ontario

Yes and the current government is going to win once again due to media. Keep in mind that out of the G7 nations Canada ranked the bottom in Covid response. Our federal government did so little that the provinces had to get together and under Ontario premier Doug Ford our Covid response rolled out. During an interview months into the Pandemic the federal response to what our plan was that we were going to see what the response was to the United States’ actions and then develop a plan.

Whenever something goes right the media says it’s due to the federal government (who really didn’t do anything), whenever something goes wrong it’s Doug Ford’s fault because he came up with it.

Remember how the news talked about Trump getting rid of the pandemic response leadership? Our head of pandemic response quit in 2017 and was never replaced. This story only came out a couple of months ago, was talked about for a couple of days and then they stopped talking about it.

After 6 years of being in charge and the auditor general saying that we were completely unprepared the federal government’s response was that this was ignored for the past 20 years so it’s not really their fault, it’s the conservatives fault that it wasn’t addressed. Once again I find it funny that they don’t say it was the liberal’s fault prior to the conservatives, just the conservatives.

When it comes to the vaccines the media pushes how great we are doing. According to CNN we are ranked 49th in the world when it comes to vaccines.