LOCKFLOW.COM Tournament in WA!!

Here is a great tournament that will be happening in Bellingham, Washington (north of Seattle) this coming weekend.  Check it out!


Lockflow.com is proud to announce it's 1st event: Submission Challenge 1. The Event will take place on April 29th in Bellingham, WA and is open to all levels and ages.

The concept of the tournament is unique, the competitors can compete with or without a gi. Competitors that wear a gi may use it in their submission attempts or have it used against them, while none gi user's clothing may not be grabbed.

The Lockflow submission tournament is not a Submission Wrestling tournament. It is a Submission only tournament. Only points scored are those gained by submission. No points for take downs no points for positioning, points are only awarded for making your opponent tap.

Each match will be 5 minutes in duration.

Points will be received for each submission finished.

Submission = 3 point

Draw = 1 point

Competitors will compete until there is either a 9 point lead or the time has elapsed. The winner of the division will be determined by most points scored.

The winner of each Expert Men's Adult Division will be invited to compete in the Absolute Division* at the "Bellingham Brawl" Event that same evening. (Free of charge). For the Lockflow Submission Challenge 1 Championship belt.

-TwistingKnee Locks/ Heel Hooks are ILLEGAL at the Beginner and Junior Levels.
-Neck Cranks are ILLEGAL at the Beginner and Junior Levels.
-Spine Locks are ILLEGAL at the Beginner and Junior Levels.
-Slamming opponent from above waist is ILLEGAL AT ANY LEVEL
-Slamming on the Head or Neck is ILLEGAL AT ANY LEVEL
-Small joint manipulation is ILLEGAL AT ANY LEVEL. (Wrist locks are ok)
-YELLING OUT will be considered a Verbal Submission and Points will be awarded to your opponent.

-Referees may award Technical Submission** points at their discretion

Division Number and Division Name

01 Junior (9 and Under)
02 Junior (10-12)
03 Junior (13-14)

Womens Divisions

04 Feather Weight (up to 110)
05 Light Weight (111 to 125)
06 Middle Weight(126 to 140)
07 Unlimited (141 and over)


08 Fly Weight (110 to 125)
09 Light Weight (126 to 140)
10 Bantam Weight (141 to 155)
11 Welter Weight (156 to 170)
12 Middle Weight (171 to 185)
13 Cruiser Weight (186 to 205)
14 Heavy Weight (206-229)
15 Super Heavy Weight (229+)


16 Fly Weight (110 to 125)
17 Light Weight (126 to 140)
18 Bantam Weight (141 to 155)
19 Welter Weight (156 to 170)
20 Middle Weight(171 to 185)
21 Cruiser Weight (186 to 205)
22 Heavy Weight (206-229)
23 Super Heavy Weight (229+)

Competitor attire

You MAY wear...

Spandex shorts
Board Shorts
Basketball/Mesh Shorts
Gi (you may use it, and it may be used against you)
Rash Guard
No Shirt

Cup and mouthpiece are required.

You may NOT wear

Jeans (of any kind or type)
Shorts with lots of pockets
Shorts with lots of Zippers

Competition fees

25.00 Pre-Register
35.00 At Event

* The first round of Absolute will be done immedatly after the tournament to determine who competes at the "Bellingham Brawl"

** Technical submission is a fully sunk submission you arent tapping from. the referee can call points for it before you break





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