lockflow sub challenge april 29th?

so i heard about this tournament april 29th in bellingham washington, there's a link at http://lockflow.com (which i think is run by charlie pearson?) where you can check out the details and pre register. basicaly it looks like a unique format of round robin 5 minute matches where you go the whole 5 minutes, and you only get points for actual submissions. after each submission the match is restarted on the feet until time runs out so you can rack up points by submitting guys multiple times without worrying about points for position and such. gi is optional, both gi and no gi compete against eachother.

apparently there is another tournament in seattle that same day so who knows how many washington guys will show up to this lockflow one, but i was thinking bellingham isn't that far from vancouver so all the clubs from the vancouver area should make the effort to go down and make this tournament worthwhile. hope to see you guys on the mat!

If your gonna drive to Bellingham, why not drive the extra hour to Seattle to participate in the tourney down there. I bet there will be way more competition in Seattle that weekend. I hear there are BB superfights gi and no gi.

because its like an hour and a half farther to seattle actualy. it takes 1 hour to get to bellingham from vancouver. seattle takes 2.5 hrs. pretty big difference. plus you have to be in seattle at 10, which i'm not really down with. and i like the unique format "iron man" style where you keep going after the sub.

besides, if everyone from vancouver goes to the lockflow one, there will be plenty of competition. this is my point in making the thread.

come to winnipeg instead on the 29th

good one!


so whos coming????????????