Lockheed Martin’s Woke-Industrial Complex | City Journal

Neoracism funded by the U.S. government.

“White Men As Full Diversity Partners argues that the “roots of white male culture” include traits such as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work,” “operating from principles,” and “striving towards success”—which are “devastating” to women and minorities.”


Sounds more like the company hired someone to do some “diversity” training and whoever booked these guys didn’t do a very good job of vetting them than Lockheed Martin going “woke”.

This one…. “I can have friendships with or work around children without being accused of recruiting or molesting them.” I’m not sure I’d have sat there and not said something about this one.

Of course you look like some sort or weird molester if you befriended a child. What sort of normal adult becomes friends with children?



This isn’t the only example of wokeism occurring within Lockheed or the aerospace industry. This type of training is happening at Northrop Grumman as well. My wife is in management there.


career suicide if she speaks up against it…

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I hope they all go bankrupt.

White ppl are 60% of the population right now. How bad do you think this is going to be when we’re 40% of the population in a generation?

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I would think the men who fly the planes designed and built by Lockheed Martin want the men who design and build them to value “task completion, success and hard work and have a focus on the future.”

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Pretty soon all white males are going to have to blow a brother in front of a government official to prove that you’re not racist….

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MPA, EFM and The Pundit would fight for the first spot in line!

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Forget about the anti-White stuff for a moment - not that we should but just to analyse this. This is glorification of mediocrity! Wow

Celebrate criminals, let them loose, have hoes as models, hardcore feminism to destroy the family units, divorce culture, thug culture, now celebrate mediocrity! WTF is happening?

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South Africa levels of hate and vengeance. We will still be able to co-exist as a society but the white devil’s will surely pay for the evils of their past.

China and Russia really taking us seriously now

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Glad I’m a business owner. This shit will never happen under my watch. I actively toss out resumes of people who seem like they believe this nonsense.


The grand dragon just jizzed in his pants. Finally, after decades and decades of failure, the message of the klan has gone mainstream. How long have they been saying black people dont work, cant take care of themselves, cant control their impulses, cant think or plan ahead, have no guiding principles, etc? It took a while, but their message is finally resonating across the country.

It’s like Christmas every day for shitty people. Hate women? Just temporarily identify as one and you can get into mma and just go beat the shit out of them legally. Think black people are dumb and inherently inferior to white people and believe in re-segregration of the races? Label yourself an anti-racist and speak freely!

Unfortunately if the crazy left have their way, they will force even small business to go through this shit. Especially in states like Ca

We won’t.

We’re absorbing 2nd generation (and beyond) Hispanics.

You’re one of my favorite posters.

I would like to ask, what is the stated purpose of the exercise, if we were to ask the people putting it on?

Would they say that it is to “put white men in their place”?

Or, is it to help people reflect on societal advantages that white people, as a group, may have had?

Have white men had historical advantages over their black and Hispanic counterparts?

None of this means we’re putting white men down, it can be a discussion. Let’s analyze their point.

Can we have an understanding that whites have had an advantageous position, in general, over black and Hispanics?

Look at it as a group. We don’t have a problem speaking about black as a group when we discuss:

  1. Crime rates
  2. Prison incarceration
  3. Fatherless homes
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ie, hire more white people.