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Celebrate criminals?
Which criminal is being celebrated? George Floyd?

Let them loose?
Where? Last I checked, USA leads the developed world in incarcerations.

Have hoes as models?
Been the case the entire time. Marilyn Monroe was passed around frequently.

Feminism, family units, divorce- the erosion of family values. The leading group in the US was/is whites. Why didn’t we do anything? Why did we let this happen?

Yes, for sure. This is 100% indisputable, IMO.

I’m sure this was and probably still is their intended purpose. But this training, like much of CRT, is off the rails, IMO. I also think the course curriculum and some of the tenants, a small part of which I quoted, speaks for itself.

I’ve been to (what I consider) useful and even beneficial diversity training where Idid not feel the message was at all anti-white male. When I read the course material in this article, I find it pointedly anti-white male.

BLM has been marching to the literal call and response chant of “who do we protect? Black criminals!”

Have you not been listening to the protests for attempted murderer Makhia Bryant? What about when Kamala Harris visited knife wielding domestic abuser Jacob Blake in the hospital and called him a hero? Google the shooting of Anthony Cinotti in Homestead, FL. I know he was a part of the “say his name” protests down there. To save you the time, he was shot by a police officer while he was in the process of plunging a knife into the bodies of his girlfriend and her 11yr old kid. The list of violent criminals that have been martyred is endless.

Have you not paid any attention to the comments or actions of various “progressive” prosecutors around the country? Have you completely ignored the many celebrity and democrat politicians(including kamala harris) who have pushed for donations to the bail project, which has successfully released countless violent criminals?

Have you completely ignored the literal legalization of theft in places like San Francisco?

Have you completely missed the stories and segments on NPR and in the NY Times not just excusing rioting and looting, but justifying and encouraging it?


LOL they make it sound like these are bad ideas.


The question is where is it coming from and why? And why are so many white men indifferent to it? IMO they are complicit in this.


First, white men learn that they have a shared culture. (Facilitators show clips from films like “Apollo 13” and “Gran Torino.”)

That’s true. It’s funny because Hispanics are what are cutting into the white majority. The black population is 13% of the population like it’s been for decades and they’re not growing either. As the Hispanic population grows black supremacist use that to call for greater diversity in institutions which almost always mean black ppl not Hispanics

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Full agreement here. BLM can lick my ball sack.

Same thing here. Fuck BLM. They don’t mean shit. The news reports on them becuase they get clicks. Their is a much larger group with the narrative that she was an idiot.

Related to BLM. Also, politicians gonna politician. They’re always slimes.

Don’t watch news much anymore. It’s too biased.

Context here could be that they increased the shoplifting amount because their prisons were full.

I’m overwhelmingly on your side and voted as such (twice for Trump).

This doesn’t mean that a discussion about historical advantages cannot be had. They need to be had.

Imagine a traveler getting a visa to visit Thailand. The Thailand embassy page probably says something like:

  • Thais are known for being very respectful and polite
  • Foreigners who are not used to the hot weather may think that wearing sleeveless tops and shorts is a good idea, but this actually disrespects Thai people’s conservative culture.

These are just a couple of blurbs about their culture.


These are general principles in the West. Especially the rugged individualism part. Do we actually believe every culture (minorities or gender) values the same traits?

Shoot, I know some people do much better with a Pete Carrol type coach as opposed to Ditka. Isnt this similar to that discussion?

Can’t we remove individual feelings to discuss what may be part of the issue? Certainly, I’d imagine they’re not laying 100% of the blame on American white men traits/habits.

I expect jet to start falling out of the sky soon

Absolutely, we’re complicit.

We’re also complicit in allowing our families not to go to church. Not making our daughter cover up (no burqa just something appropriate).

We are to blame. Well, actually the boomers mostly. The whole slippery slope they allowed.