Lockheed Martin Sends White Male Employees To Re-Education Camp!

No job it worth it. They would be told to fuck off, fire me.


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Probably sent them to Hawaii or some other fun place for it and they enjoyed fine dining and cocktails on their expense accounts while laughing their asses off at the retarded “curriculum” and “teachers”.

The source in OP is the guy who nailed Disney for the same thing. Caused them a major PR headache. Hopefully this catches on too.


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This, I’d be milking it too!

I need to attone for my sins. 30mins of “black is fierce, white is the devil” and then I can go do some more blow and fuck hookers in paradise?

Sign me up!


An assembly technician with no college degree can easily make 6 figures working for them with OT and full benefits. They actually pay really well.

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I got sent to a training on feminism fora full day because I am a white heterosexual male.

I smiled the whole time.

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These “training” classes usually have the complete opposite effect they are intended to have. Telling good people they are subconsciously bad racists will not resolve any issues within society. The instructors will get “yes’d” to death and when the people leave they will resent having to attend it.

I found that there were a few kind of people in the class.

  1. The guy who wants to fight and argue every single point. This guys feels he’s winning something but for the most part he simply justifies the reason for the class to the people who sent him and those teaching.

  2. The guy who WANTS to be there and agrees with everything.

  3. The guy who just sits and smiles and leaves.

How would someone get started in that?


most likey

Rooney rule

I work for an elite supplier for LM. I’m gonna bring this up at work tomorrow.

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