locks rule

I just started one and at level 13 I can solo 4 13-14s even with the lag problem.

I ended up skipping the dreadsteed quests too - it's a shame, because I had already spent the gold on all the other shit up to the Scolo/DM runs (plus, running back and forth to the damn Burning Steppes).

Generally, if it can be feared, it can be fucked up by a lock

Locks are awesome in WoW. I soloed 3 rogues who got the jump on me thanks to my resilience from gear and talent spec. I don't think there's any other class that would've survived that, cept maybe a well geared warrior.

I still get pwned by hunters though. :p

granpa hunters cant beat locks, I dont even know where you get that from. And rogues beat locks pretty easy.

'granpa hunters cant beat locks, I dont even know where you get that from. And rogues beat locks pretty easy. '

True - no way could u solo 3 similary geared rogues or 1 for that matter. Rogue=Lock killah..

I always found BM hunters could be tough.

 BM hunters are my kryptonite since it's tough getting the damn pet off you

I brought the pain to 3 rogues (2 68's and a 69) in AB today (I'm only 66), but I had a priest healing the shit out of me. Hellfire + good heals = hilarity

If a rogue gets the jump on me 1 on 1 though, it's almost always a death sentence, especially if death coil is on cooldown

I'm pretty impressed that I've been leading the Alliance side in BGs in damage dealt and # of kills consistently the past 3 or 4 days. Considering I'm demonology spec, that's pretty decent.

the key to beating a hunter as a sl/sl warlock is to use the voidwalker and kill the pet first, by using dots and running out of range of the hunter. The pet will die simply from the dots, even with intimidate and concussive shot you can get away from hunters cause they always stop to shoot. After the hunter pet is dead it's game over.

Handsomejaws if i didn't kill every hunter I ever dueled by killing there pet first I would almost believe you. Kiting hunters is not hard at all. Warlocks can also kite mages. It is a rarely used strategy but it works wonders. I'll fraps some hunter duels and let you see whats up.

I've seen DB does this first hand outside ORG a few times.

soloed a 70 pally and a 61 hunter that tried fucking with the flame in Darkshore. I had the lowbies cheering for me, lol (it's a PVE server, so they get all excited with anything PVP)

"True - no way could u solo 3 similary geared rogues or 1 for that matter. Rogue=Lock killah.."

Well, I don't think they were geared as well as me that's for sure, and there was also a lot of luck involved. Like I said, if I didn't have such a high resilience rating, I would've not survived, but I did, killed all 3.

And hunters are a nightmare for locks. Their fuckin pets interrupt everything I try to do while the hunter drains me of my mana. As a lock, the hunter is the only class that gives me a hard time. Stun rogues are a bitch, but when you have high resilience, not so much.

And if you're a lock having problems with a mage, you need to reroll. Mages run away from me, they want none of this.

granpa I don't think youve done high level pvp.

Merely good rogues beat the best warlocks. It's not even close. Also, as a warlock vs. hunter, you shouldn't have to cast anything, so there is nothing to interrupt. Just dot and run. It's really easy. Plus, good frost mages are tough to fight straight up. Yes, locks normally win, but the mage can drop you to about 25%. If you kite the mage you can kill it without taking much damage at all.

but if you can kill rogues easily, please give me your strategy, I can't seem to make it happen.

heh granpas prob one of those 400+ resil locks with 14k hp!!!

pure evil

 I don't duel, but from a BM hunter perspective let me tell you what I see and what I would do...

First off, DB is correct about killing the pet first. Our damage pretty weak without our pet, and the only way I'd want to be without my pet is if the target is already severely bursted down. Like 35% or lower to have a chance. My whole strat fighting anyone is to kill them in a massive burst, long fights are bad (unless it's a pally or warrior you are kiting around or some shit - plate sucks). So I'm gonna try to catch someone with intimidation for the stun, proc rapid fire to get in an aimed shot very quickly, follow it with multi, sting, arcane, steady/auto weave if they are stupid enough to stand there. Locks are scary in this situation because if you wait on TBW and they get their CC going on your ass, it will fuck up your whole burst plan. Can't do shit if you are chain feared and DoTed no matter who you are. Usually they are not a problem, especially if I get the jump...but that is because most people are bad. Very very bad, and/or they fight in PvE gear in which case I just lol @ their cloth. This is what I do to BAD locks with an aimed shot (not great, but not bad for a beast hunter who mostly depends on pet damage)


He's very bad, and got owned in a couple of shots. And like I said I don't duel it's all BG or arena I'm saying this from. Now, that being said I PvP with Danjerboy a lot and I'm about 99.9999999999% sure I can't beat him in a duel. I've seen him fight 2 people at once after I've died using that drain shit and there's no way in hell I can burst him down. Another reason: he is 100% correct...kill the pet. Hunter pets are rediculously easy to kill. Any 1/2 decent arena team with a warrior, rogue, lock is going to trash my pet. I have to constantly have a mend pet on him and keep him away from a warrior. A warrior druid team will just FF my cat if I send him in on the warrior, it's gotta go to the warrior for a stun when he's an FF target, or else just stay on the healer to keep them from drinking, etc. He should find a disc priest or resto druid to 2v2 with and get to 2000. I'm not good at arena, and i just never will be it seems...that's party because A) I'm bad, B) it's not a great 2v2 class/build like a easy-win-rogue, disc priest, resto druid is. If hunter wasn't so damn fun I'd just grind up my resto druid's gear for easymode, but w/e gotta play what you like. So anyways, kill the pet works. Depending on what is happening, I guess I'd let myself get kited. If I blow a TBW and a lock is running away, I'd be tempted to keep the pet on his ass and just following blasting arcane, stings, multi (have to pause to fire multi, but not really stop). Hopefully I have an aimed shot on the lock when he's draining. FD doesn't work because they will just start draining again. I dunno, it's a bad matchup if the lock has gear and a good build I don't think there's a way to win other than to hope for a nice chain of crits for some burst. Doubt I could do that to a good lock (like DB), could hurt em real bad, but dropping em is another thing. And for world pvp, I'm betting the lock could die, wait out the DoT, then SS rez and finish the hunter off pretty damn easily. And before you ask, yes I have rank 5 shadow resist on my pet, sometimes i can keep him alive through a DoT attack keeping imp mend pet going on him, rarely I can't. Being a beastmaster hunter is a lot of fun, but you have to accept the fact that you have some bad matchups 1v1 just like everyone else. 

sean is a very good hunter, i've seen him do some pretty amazing things. Listen to what he says.

I will say this. Hunters should be able to beat any non sl/sl lock, and any lock not in pvp gear. Problem is most locks you run into in pvp are sl/sl and in pvp gear.

 I'm playing MM spec today and I actually think I do worse against locks....but when I have time to stand back and pew pew man it's sick damage. I'm really digging this huge fucking crits, scatter shot, and silence with imp stings is fun too. I miss the mobility of TBW, but it's a nice change of pace. Don't think I'm good enough to play MM all the time lol

 yeah, poor choice of words on my part...it's not easy mode, it's extremely OP in the hands of a skilled player in comparison with other classes with comparable gear in 2v2. Rogues are really nasty with them

 I think he meant pre-BC dude

"granpa I don't think youve done high level pvp."

Well, my PVP has been mostly BG with some world PVP from time to time. 7076 lifetime kills, I think I'm doing pretty good.


I'm not saying rogues are easy, especially if they get the jump on you, but not impossible and certainly not nearly as hard to beat as hunters. I would have to say I'm 50/50 against rogues. Mostly I just kite them/fear them. If I can get one clean fear off, on a rogue, they're usually done.