Lodune Sincaid...

...is a hell of a fighter and nice guy. It's great he got a shot on the show. He is one of the toughest guys I know, and no one deserves the chance more then my bro Lodune. Keep your eyes open for him.

more info on him please. Being a Chris Leben fan myself, it's refreshing to hear a little bit about the other guys on the show as well. ;)

Lodune was one of the guys who I didn't know much about coming in, so I'd like to hear more. Strengths and weaknesses, accomplishements, stories, etc.

Lodune Sincaid - Light Heavyweight

5'9, 205 lbs.

Age: 31

From: North Hollywood, CA

This 31 year-old St. Paul, Minnesota native has re-located to North Hollywood to train with martial arts legends, Gene Lebelle, Gokor Chivichian, and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. Lodune was an All-Conference wrestler in high school in the 160lb. class. One of the senior members of "The Ultimate Fighter," he is proficient in various forms of martial arts including taekwondo.



ttt and some Lodune stories to come tomorrow!

You need a green name Tosh

Screen names only cover two inches of your ass. The rest you have to cover by yourself... wait. Wrong quote. Damn. What up Crowbar! :P

"he is proficient in various forms of martial arts including taekwondo." That is complete bullshit and I bet Lodune said that to stir it up a little bit. He is a wrestler, kickboxer, and jiu-jitsu player.

seems like a cool dude.. I am pulling for him and Southworth

Ah, the famous quote from Mr Royce Gracie about a Black Belt.

Believe it or Tosh,when Del Real`s opponent dropped out with chicken pox after the weigh-ins....Paul Smith & I were in are motel room & I told him that you would fight Rafael on short notice,and the rest was history.

Wasn't Louden the name of the guy in the book (and movie) Vision Quest, about a high school wrestler?

Similar spellings (No disrespect meant to Lodune)

Jeremy says he's a guy with a huge heart, mad skills & hard as hell to tap out or KO!