LOFL @ NCAA and Manziel


If true since you can't lie on the internet

Remember Dez Bryant lied about knowing Deion was benched for the season

That was a close one! I was honestly worried for our season! Phone Post

SEC player, of course he was going to get off easy.

Can't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Same as with Cam.

Meanwhile Dillon Baxter was suspended an entire game for taking a golf cart ride across campus.

Their selective enforcement is such a joke...

But whatever, none of these kids should be getting in trouble. Abandon the out-dated, illogical, and evil amateur-model NCAA already. Don't have to pay them, but let them make their own money for crying out loud.

ESPN is reporting it, and they probably have everythign to do with it being only 1/2 of a game.   God this is all so stupid.  



NCAA had been proving itself as a joke the past few years. Phone Post

He's suspended for the first half of the game????

Am I reading that correctly?

Yes you read that correctly

Bwahahaha what a fucking joke.

Okay, I thought it was a joke but now I just read it on SI.com.  WTF? lmao

manziel's people must done a walter white on the NCAA:

"If that's true. If you don’t know if Johnny took money... then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly."

BradGluckman -

Johnny football wins again Phone Post

Phew! I've got money on A&M Saturday...

Can someone make a haters gonna hate gif for this occasion?  He's gonna be epicly hated this year.  

Chaelismyhero - I hope Johnny Football wins the Heisman every God Damn year. Im not even an AM fan.

I love that kid.

Stupid fuckin media blowing everything out of proportion.

I think the hate should be directed at the NCAA and not Johnny there selective enforement is a frakin joke  considering all of the players that got suspended for multiple games or entire seasons for less

can't stand johnny, but am very happy we get to see him play bama...

ceiling_cat - 

Can someone make a haters gonna hate gif for this occasion?  He's gonna be epicly hated this year.  


Made a quick one should do for now


Vote up when I get home. That's epic. Johnny football is OG for sure lol Phone Post