Logan Clark's beard

Now, I'm not one to judge a man's facial hair, but Logan Clark's beard cracks me up. The guy has a very conservative haircut and this crazy mountain man beard. They clash so much that it almost makes you think he put a fake beard on with spirit gum. Anyway, what do you guys think?

Logan Clark's beard


Maybe he is Amish.

It's straight up Evan Tanner.

His beard is gangstaah

Looks like a Tanner tribute beard.

I was going to say it was very Tanneresque. He's had the beard long before
Evan Tanner's unfortunate passing.


I'll have to go with Yay myself for the pure hilarity quotient of that beard.

It takes a certain type of individual to rock the shroud like that. The Tanner beard should be required for each fighter every other fight by the commissions.

I like the beard, but now he's letting it grow and doesn't want to trim it up or anything.

My favorite is when he shaves then lets it grow out from about 2-3 weeks.

I liked their first album.

 absorbs shock from punches

Fuck. I'm not sure that is it fake. It might just be stylish.

double post

Where is THATS STREET when you need him..

Logan Clark FTW.

Nice Fight Logan, was cheering you on!

 This thread is appropriate since Logan took some good shots in the first round and didn't even flinch

Good effort last night Mr. Clark, that kimura escape was purdy.