Logan Clark's beard

Logan impressed the hell out of me with this scramble


Fuck. I'm not even comprehensible right now. One of my cornermen just woke me up. He wasn't sure how he got home, and I'm not sure where I've been for the last few hours. Fuck yeah!!!


I had a long/short time to contemplate not tapping. I figured since I went unconscious once during training, I could go and tap now. It turns out that going unconscious and not knowing what the fuck happened is embarrassing, right Yak?

TTT for L.C.

Kimbo has a beard

Kimbo is a poser. I am the one sitting naked; dressed only in the beard.

Logan did you sleep off some of that alcohol?

 I want to know if the curtains match the carpet

Didn't sleep off shit!!! The real question is how dedicated to the beard am I? Am I willing to lose every fight by choke simply to continue the Tanner tribute? The eight balls says likely so.

Logan Clark is a man's man.


People seem to like that gif. I wonder if I can get a shortened version. Hehe. I like how long I contemplated just going unconscious after I realized that I wouldn't be able to get the hand back to talk on the phone. I rarely get tapped in practice with that, so it is annoying that I couldn't stop it this time.

I'm just going to blame the beard.

The beard is AWESOME!

Logan is fucking only 23 and his 2 of his losses are to the top 185lbs. fighters in the world and the other was a lmae decision to Schambari who only managed to outwrestle him a little...

Logan: was your beard Tanner inspired?

Haulport -Logan is fucking only 23 and his 2 of his losses are to the top 185lbs fighters in the world and the other was a lame decision to Schambari who only managed to out-wrestle him a little...

You are exactly right my friend!


The first thing I thought when I saw that fight was Logan's beard is awesome. I think All white guys in Sengoku have to have beards. (contract thing?)

The escape from that kimura was fucking sweet! You actually remind me a lot of Macdonald on the ground (compliment from my perspective)

Those seconds in the arm triangle looked tough, but much better than going out. I almost crapped myself waiting too long in one. Very embarrassing on the tv.

I was rooting for Logan based entirely on the beard. But then, I thought his performance was pretty good too. Santiago is a bad dude

I tried to run off with Jorge's trophy when we got back to the hotel. He had a firm grip on it.