Logan Paul is the greatest boxer of all time

Floyd’s legacy is destroyed

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Go to bed nerd.

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You know the problem with this, so many youtube nerds will actually think Logan survived 8 full rounds


The nerds and retards are making excuses about Floyd getting pummeled by a YouTuber.

I predicted this exact outcome and I predicted the angry beta male martial arts nerds who think Floyd is a Jedi would claim he “carried him” when this happened.

Says the dweeb using a pic of another man in his profile pic

Logan was amazing. He put on a clinic
Tyson fury next

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The new wave of trolls that came after the good ones left are unoriginal and not funny at all. Guys like you and giga etc are the simple jacks of trolls. You don’t know shit about combat sports so all you do is start troll threads because intellectually you can’t keep up.

Yeah just call me a troll because you can’t prove me wrong. Logan exposed Floyd

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Only a retard like you would think that lol

Anyone who isn’t in denial can see Floyd got embarrassed and his legacy is now ruined


Those are straight up fists of fury.

Those punches would have killed anyone other than the former greatest boxer of all time.

Did yall see the clip going around where people are claiming he KO’d Paul at the end of one of the early rounds and Floyd kept him from dropping?

That flurry was technique personified.

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That’s called a clinch. Logan was never even close to unconscious. Quite embarrassing that you have an account on an MMA forum and believe that.

Yeah and Dave Portnoy completely debunked it with a fuller version of the clip lol people are just in their feelings bc the best boxer ever couldn’t beat up a big goofy youtuber