Loiseau vs Riggs - UFC 51

This sounds like an ok fight. Should be interesting. Anyone have predictions or comments?

I said on another thread that if it was me as a manager I would have not had Loiseau on the TKO card so as not to upset his UFC shot.

I would have not put him on the poster though knowing that.

As a promotor and a manager, I imagine that these can sometimes be at odds.

Man, I am pumped for this fight. I'll be nervous watching it, but on paper it has all of the elements to be amazing. Hopefully both guys come in at 100% and ready to put on a show.

Dangerous fight for both fighters.

I wonder what the odds are on this fight.

Good question dude.

Good advice BSF, thanks.

What is it about Crow that you think makes him the better fighter BSF?

Does a fighter have access to the official weight scale before a weigh in? I don't mean that they can play with it but to see where they are?

How was the scale used off from their other scales?

I fugured as much. What I meant was why don't they check these things or was it just one of those things that happens?

David said it himself about his right hand. Watch the fight, he didn't throw ONE punch. All elbows. I'm not a doctor, I didn't see the x-ray. But if David says it I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

My thoughts (I'm estatic that we're finally having a real MMA discuss here by the way) are that Loiseau has all the tools to beat Riggs. Riggs' best weapon is his GnP. But, I don't see Riggs being able to take Loiseau down. I think Loiseau's a better wrestler if they go there. Albeit, Riggs is very strong. On their feet I think's it's almost a toss up, but like BSF said (OMG I can't believe I said that) I think Loiseau's proven himself better.

I disagree about the betting odds though. I think it'll be something like Riggs -200 and Loiseau +150.

BSF, I remember the talk about Loiseau having to make weight and then if you watch the DVD of the event they have that blurb on there about Loiseau and Silvia making weight. Silvia is mighty pissed that the scale seems off.

From a fan favourite I have to say that I would like to see Riggs lose to Loiseau. I was cheering for Doerkson and that loss bit the big one.

As far as Jorge, I liked that fight with Loiseau. His next fight with Murray was a letdown but the Franklin fight was ok. He seems on again off again.

What do you think the Crow's game plan will be?

I like Loiseau but his wrestling is not good, Riggs will take him down eventually.

I do not see The Crow wining this fight.

This should be a very good fight and I'm really looking forward to it. One of my guys, Santino DeFranco is a training partner with Riggs and I hear a lot about him.

Riggs' BJJ is underated and his wrestling is real good. For David to win this fight, he's gotta beat him standing, which is a tough thing to do. But, speed kills, which is where I see Loiseau having the upper hand.

But, either way, it'll be a great one!

Tough one to call......should be an exciting fight though!!

Riggs will win by ground and pound, I really don't think Loiseau can handle him on the ground. I've never been overly impressed with the crows ground skills. He seems like a decent counter wrestler and that will get him in trouble against Riggs.