Loiseau vs Silva is ON!

I got this link at UFC.com. Its talks about it towards the bottom.

The best elbows in the biz verses the most vicious elbow KO of recent memory. Dandy of a fight.

dave is to big crow y whatver he wants

Anderson is one of the most feared strikers in MMA

Crow better take it to the ground, unless he wants another vicious beating

I likes the sounds of this fight!

the crow is NOT bigger than silva. Anderson was a little lighter at this last cage rage due to his rotr fight but when he fought curtis he was at least 200 fight night. He has put on some size. great matchup.

great fight

Anderson will Dominate him.

Crow can't get him down and can't hang with him standing.

I see this being, Silva wins, he'll face probably the winner of Marquardt/Tanner (Which is a match I bet will happen next). Then the winner of that will go on to face Franklin.



" Crow can't get him down and can't hang with him standing."

Chonan did. Who's better standing, Loiseau or Chonan?

imo silva is much better

This is a great match-up! This has fireworks written all over it.

"Should be - Silva VS Marquardt for title shot - and - Loiseau VS Leben for a quality main event UFN"

While I don't think Crow-v-Silva is a retarded matchup, I do like these matchups better in terms of setting things up for title shots.

Awesome fight. Too bad for Crow, he goes from getting his ass whupped by the champ to getting Anderson. Yikes.

Champ Schmamp, you guys bitch over title shots too much. Its a fucking great fight, thats all that matters.

"Chonan did. Who's better standing, Loiseau or Chonan?"

Yes because as we all know fighters never improve after losses.

Silva will win.

I`m pretty sure the Crow can take him.

You guys are way overrating Silva and not giving The Crow enough credit.

after reading this thread, how do you come to the conclusion that the UFC dropped Loiseau?