Loki Discussion Thread

I have not watched the show so I am curious how is the whole Loki is “gender fluid” he/she thing going?

I was underwhelmed. Interest at this point is about 2/10.

Couldn’t help but roll my eyes at “I feel like I’m always looking up to you, feels very appropriate”, was not surprised at all.

If you hated the previous Marvel shows, why would you think you would enjoy this one?

You are clearly not a fan of what the MCU is cooking, so why bother?

It hasn’t happened yet.

IMO, it is much ado about nothing. It just means there are other multiverses where Loki takes a female form, not that the MCU-Loki played by Tom Hiddleson is a gender-bending tranny.

Besides, the concept of Loki taking on female form is consistent with Norse mythology, where Loki the shapeshifting trickster often took on various forms (including an old lady) to fool Gods and men alike.

That ist true, but his deceptive and obnoxious nature is also why he eventually was condemned and tortured, similar to Prometheus. He is freed eventually, and initiates Ragnarök.
Let it be known that in no way is Paganism condoning trannydom. Loki’s nature is, among other things, being the breaker of rules and etiquette, so him changing gender is the confirmation of an affront, again, as other Gods, too, change form but never gender/sex.



That’s a confusing thing to say. Lady Loki is Loki. Loki is a shapeshifter.

It’s easier to say “Lady Loki” rather than “Loki in a female form” everytime he’s on screen.