lol @ all the bitching re: The UFC

First of all .. almost ALL of the bitching comes from the exact same guys time and again. I'm not sure where it all started, but I do remember most of these guys saying that ZUFFA would never make it ... that they'd actually fold back in 2004, etc.. They even created their own rumors stating that they heard that ZUFFA had put the company on the market and was taking offers [lol].

Maybe now they're embarassed that ZUFFA is bigger and stronger than they thought would ever be possible, and so now they're lashing out at every opportunity?

The reason I bring this up is simple ... just take a quick look at the forum any week when there's a UFC card set for that weekend and I guarantee that you'll see the same pathetic clowns type very nearly the same shit [it only varies slightly from event to event] over and over.

Now, mind you .. I am supposed to be a Pride hater [I was deemed so by this group of] yet I have always admitted that they have the best lines ups in MMA, bar none... The only things I ever complain about are the freakshow matches, and also when they [DSE] seemed hell bent on killing Sakuraba [I am still convinced he pissed the Yakuza off and they "selected" fights they knew he'd take a horrible beating].

My point is .. that yes, I do have some problems with DSE, but I also have my problems with ZUFFA .. In fact, it's about equal as far as my complaints go ...


DSE - lack of notice regarding opponents for high level fighters, freakshow match ups, strange rematches, bully attitude towards many fighters, delayed broadcasts aka arrogant attitude towards American fans, etc...

ZUFFA - notoriously low starting pay, extremely weak heavyweight class, the puzzling bout order on PPVs, messy PPV broadcasts [many, many mistakes are usually made], etc..


DSE - massive talent pool, pay is very good, best heavyweight and probably best pfp mma fighter ever [Fedor], great tourneys [excepting a few clowns thrown in here and there], awesome PPV broadcasts [I prefer the Japanese broadcast myself], etc...

ZUFFA - well structured weight classes, pay is very good at the highest level, going after international talent again lately, they've brought mma to us on a much more readily available schedule than ever before [TUF series, Unleashed, UFNs, etc...]

Now, even though I have pretty much aired all of the problems that immediately came to mind regarding both MMA giants .. I will be willing to bet that this thread still garners more than a few sub-moronic remarks and continued moaning and bitching about anything ZUFFA related ... It's truly pathetic, and says a lot about these guys and what their particular agendas are.

nice post

I totally agree with you man...god forbid you just like all MMA in general regardless of the promotion...its like freakin' gang warfare over turf around here.

They bitch because, otherwise there'd be nothing else to talk about....

I just want to see all the fights on UFC's card, then I might stop bitching.

"They bitch because, otherwise there'd be nothing else to talk about...."

Well, I wouldn't go overboard either. The equivalent to the bitch all the time is the everything is just peachy kean.

agreed. nice post

I understand that Mace, but as a fan of "fighting", I don't really care "how" they enter to fight, be it a ramp, with or without fireworks, etc, or who beat the t total snot out of them last time, or this promotion is better than so & so...... every fight is a new ballgame once that door closes.

For me!!! :o) Pretty silly of me, eh?

Same thing before every UFC. Just ignore them and continue to read the informative threads.

Some details are more important than others, Momita, that point I would agree with.

Well, well, well... I checked and most of the anti - ZUFFA threads have gone down and off the first page [shock of].

I am sure they'll be brought right back up after the haters have had their noon time naps though.