lol at Edge

So an airline lost some of Edge's luggage over the weekend. He had to borrow some ring gear from other wrestlers for a house show, so who's does he borrow?










Trevor F'ing Murdoch!!!

Noone had gear that didn't have their name all over it?

Why not just come out in pants aka street fight clothes?

seriously, those must be an old pair of Trevor's trunks from like 1985. That fat bastard could never fit in those small ass trunks!

Why not just go to the local sporting goods store and buy a pair of plain "runners tights" or something? Hell, even a set of compression shorts or some shit...

LMAO that has to be a rib surely?

well there was a rumor that edge wanted to start a stable...and with whom you all may ask...trevor and murdoch!


Edge is becoming the new Christian.

Could be a his new thing

he did it to be funny I'm sure, LOL

"Why not just come out in pants aka street fight clothes?"

Good idea. I never would've come out in someone else's trunks.

next thing he'll be saying "Tomko, give me a beat"

I don't think any one phrase ever made me laugh harder than "Tomko, give me a beat!"

If TNA would bring back goofy Christian and the goofy Kurt Angle, they would destroy WWE in the ratings

"Tomko, give me a beat!"

Shit, I missed that. Was this in the WWE?

Yup, Christian was trying to show Cena that he could rhyme too