LOL at Eric Molina pix

Fucking douchebag. From his MySpace:

what a fag i would kick that little fruits ass after i busted him out.

What a mouth on that guy for a standing ironing board.

Dude, I would love to wreck that idiot.

"Don't be an ass".


Also, what was Prahlad thinking?

Prahlad really did come off as a prick. The guy who forgot to ante, put in the chip w/out a fuss after realizing he made a mistake. There was no need to go after Lisandro.

It was great when Gold put that little bitch Molina in his place. Spoiled brat.

And it didn't even involve him. At our game, he would have been walked outside. I know, I have done it twice, only to be held back by the tourney director:(

Who is Eric Molina?

He's a 21 year old punk bitch that cashed at this years WSOP. Has a big mouth and generally made an ass of himself on ESPN's coverage.

Koma just applied mascara to the correct.

Looks as though fruit boy doesnt need any help with that from the pics...He donk bet the pot in the final hand he went out opened str draw 300k in the pot bet 500k and committed himself needed a a 9 or 4 but Nassif held to 9s and set him all in then on the river he was drawing dead to a 4 as the the turn paired the board whoops little bitch!

Force looked JUST like that guy from the GEICO "cave-man commercials".

Molina deserves a good beat-down. The dude's picture is in Webster's dictionary next to the word 'obnoxious'. One of the things I hate about the proliferation of poker on the internet is that all the internet idiots seem to have infested poker (and the poker rooms) as well.

Molina's parents should be given a good smack - just HOW did he turn out that way?

If you believe the gossip on 2+2, his parents gave him a pretty good ass chewing for his behavior and he lost a big portion of his win in the pits.

Well, in that case, I guess there is SOME justice in the universe.

Oh and he didn't win his buy-in online. It was his birthday present.

Okay - THAT explains how he got that way. He's a frickin' spoiled brat...I'm assuming it was a b-day present from Mommy and Daddy?

The queer is confident enough to wear makeup while he's out, but not at the poker table?

Eric, if it's not cool at the poker table, you prob shouldn't wear it eva.

its never cool even if your bi or gay.

He's such a skinny little fucker. Have a burger once in a while.

"is that all the internet idiots seem to have infested poker (and the poker rooms) as well."

As opposed to the usual fat obnoxious bastards and dirty ass old casino fleas that are normally in there. ;)

Hey, don't add feces to my vomit stew!