LOL at Floyd Mayweather

"I'm getting dead in his ass on Cinco De Mayo"

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.

What's that supposed to mean? Is Mayweather gay? That sounds gay.

or it could just mean he's going to f__k him up.  lm

Mayweather got it all wrong, what he meant to say was "I'm gonna eat his asshole alive".

LOL @ havokk

meaning he will be as stiff as a dead man inside his ass

Oscar by KO

good boxers = uneducated fuck heads

Floyd is not just a good boxer but I will concede the uneducated fuck heads part.

Oscar is good boxer and not an uneducated fuck head.

"Oscar is good boxer and not an uneducated fuck head."

Oscar is a smarter businessman than any MMA fighter I know of. The guy has one of the most succesful boxing promotions in the world, his company is closing real estate development deals in L.A. worth nearly $1 billion dollars, and could probably buy the UFC he wanted to. Not bad for an "uneducated fuck head".

By the way I would like to state for the record that my comments were directed towards Floyd and those like him. There are many boxers who are very successful business people and academics.

maybe he is literally going to crawl in his ass and die?

the doctors klitchko are not uneducated.

LOL@ Mayweather is not technically sound - just fast!

Gotta agree with bsrizpac on this one.

lol cant believe i just read that floyd mayweather was not technically sound. lolololol

"Okay first off, if you want to call someone "unoledgable " learn to spell it."


Holy shit, Martin Inguensu is easily taking the "UG Fucktard of the Month" award with that one.

If Mayweather is unskilled, Ray Robinson was barely a scrub!