LOL at Houston

how do you let that happen. Sorry but I don't see them beating Indy.

But they did hold on to push against the spread though - and that's all I care about!

They sweep Indy this year. Write that down!!!

I hope so TRJ, I hope so.

hey 303 ..I am thoroughly glad to see your Broncos doing their thing and I know you have been a long time Denver fan haha...

I cant be but excited for them and Manning himself is just someone have to watch and go "DAAAMMNN" lol. You cant hate him and just see him in awe... Nice to know my dismal Steelers wont have to get crushed by them (iirc) this year lol.

Don't see anyone competing with them this year to their level on average. I will def be backing them for a SB run this time around. BTW they will beat Indy too and put a lid on IrsaĆ½s big mouth. I feel is sincere but sometimes its better to just say a lil and mean a lot.