LOL at Joe Doerksen

So I'm on campus and I get a call from my dad saying I received a package from Joe Doerksen. The mailman says that he's not sure if the package is correctly addressed as he doesn't think the name on the package matches the address. My dad is trying to read the name and eventually recognizes the word Canario. He accepts the package and sees that it is also addressed to Dougie. He asks me if Dougie's last name is "Guy". I'm now trying to figure out what it could say and my dad tells me it is spelled "Ghey"

So the lesson to be learned is if you address a package to Canario & Dougie GHEY, I will recieve it.

I am almost scared to go home and open this thing......

I can't wait!

...and my last name is spelled "G-hey."

You think Dirty's life partner Skipper would have been able to spell that...

Good thing that Canario's parent's are cops... otherwise we may never have got the package!


this is a frigging riot!

post pics of whats inside.

as half of Doerksen Security I should be there when you open the package in case it was sent by a fake Joe

LMAO Dirte's the best...

I can't believe the bastard was only 1 hour away from my house and I didn't get to go streaking with him ;(

I live in a van down by the river so they had to send it to Canario's place.

Hey!!! Stay out of my van!!

We need video of you opening it.


Video? Pics maybe, never video...

You phags can fist each other with the gifts inside. LOL and don't
pretend not to be excited about the bananas and abolene!!!

Since Dougie is afraid of opening packages after the last incident, he advised me to do so. Upon further inspection, the package is addressed to Canario & Dougie R. Ghey.

Pics of the contents will be up momentarily.



Those gloves hit Marquardt in the face!!!


They are awful know what they say about guys with big hands.......

That is not only fucking hilarious...

but awesome...

VERY cool :)