Lol at my new screen name!!

 I made a SN bet on Hughes and Serra but cant remember who with, I take it this is my punishment?  Fair enough.  TTT for a reminder of who I lost to.  PS:  I did a thread search but couldn't find it.

Props for being a good sport. That is pretty funny.

I might have gone with "ScarolaLeftTUF4Me" or "Noah's Love 4 EVA" though :)

TTT for answers! Someone step up and take a bow.



that is a good one, good sport

 ttt for answers!


 anyone, anyone, bueller

Voodoo Economics

 What was your previous name?  TTT, you are a good dude.  Not many people would honor a bet like that if not reminded..

 I was Archer0545  I actually didn't get the chance to honor it, though I would have.  I was in Canada during the fights and when I got back and checked this was my name.  Cracked me up!  I just wanted to give props to the guy I lost to but havent found him yet!

Don't you tap. Don't you fuckin' tap.


 Ha ha, finally found it,   Watchingayporn (aka watchinmma)

How did yopu get my name changed?  I thought I had to email Kirik with my humiliation request?  It's all good though.  Great choice in names.  Maybe we can go double or nothing on something in 99?