Lol at People Not Understanding Black Anger

Seems odd to blame every white man for slavery



Le Shat
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Yeah that’s exactly what I said. I’m glad we think the same.

Judge each person by their individual demeanor.

Well then, that’s a meanie balls way to think.

You should care about your fellow man.

The funny thing is. Nobody ever convinces the other person to think like they do.

In a sense, a discussion is pointless.

We might as well be arguing about what kind of aliens are at the end of the universe!!

Le Shat: Gray Aliens

Rekt: Blue silicone Aliens

Me: Gooey Aliens

Failure at Life: Banana shaped aliens

If they’re colonizing the universe they would have to be white aliens

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If only that Indian man’s descendants hadn’t enslaved hers, this outburst never would have happened.

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Nobody hates you. Why do you always make it about you? The title of the thread literally says “blacks” but somehow you think it’s about “whites!” Why?

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Get off your sensitive cunty high horse. Untold amounts of jokes are told about dead whites. I told one the other day on here about the Challenger explosion and Christy MacAuliffe (the punchline goes you feed the dog and cat, I’ll feed the fish).

In this case you know better than to believe people are liking Kobe and his daughter dying. It’s super disingenuous and you’re standing on the grave of a girl to claim the mora high ground like an absolute chump.



The left: Stop treating black people like shit
Also the left: Digging wells for black people is WHITE SAVIOR BEHAVIOR!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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I just made another joke about someone that died (who I assume was white), I’m evil!!!

Yeah, maybe they are just to ignorant and backwards to use a phone and key word searches about information they want to learn. It has got to be hard being so horribly disadvantaged that they never learned how to type in words into a search bar.

The bigotry of low expectations strikes again!

You would argue this because you are low IQ and know nothing of history. Carry on though with your fantasies.


More accurately, your great great grandmother.

I will not argue its good to be black in the US but the problems we have now are due to the fact people who were pissed off about the Civil Rights movement taught their kids to be who then taught their kids to be

I don’t even get what you’re talking about. Rant about wypipo? Are you unhinged? I’ve never used that term or anything close to it.

Why are you calling me racist as well? Racism is posting Wikipedia links to the atrocities that black people went through? History itself is racist now? Weird man, just weird.

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You’re bringing up challenger explosion jokes from the 1920s and I’m disingenuous?

Let’s hear a more modern joke. Try Gabby Petito or Natalee Holloway.

“You gots me fucked up”. Heard that before. Fucking retarded subhuman criminal poisoning more kids. Bitch is fucked up, but that storekeeper didn’t do it.

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Did you see what was written on this site about Gabby? After that Utah police cam video people said “well, I guess I can see why he was sick of her”. It’s all been done!

No I want one of your jokes. Let’s hear it.