Lol at People Not Understanding Black Anger

Im not an american citizen. Maybe i will become a texan or floridean citizen one day, if they manage to depart theirselves from the tyranny of the federal government.


0.25/10 imo

Really nigga?
Its a meme, “wypipo bad”.

However, this is the first time you dont pretend im white and address a rant about evil white people on me. Congrats you goof.

And i calling you racist because you are the most retarded racist piece of shit in this forum. In your very first posting here, you told a fiction about evil wypipo comming to africa in droves to make the poor black men slaves, which is a lie.
It didnt happened that way.

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Ya’ll niggas posting in a troll thread!!

What the troll forgot to mention is if your own people sold you. Which goes to my question…why no anger towards your own people who sold you? Why only hatred for the purchasers? Simple logic would suggest the anger should be at those that did the selling.

Oh I forgot, that can’t be said out loud.


This thread in a nutshell.


Except, none of that happened to you.

I for one dont think it should have ever been abolished. Just imagine how much nicer and more importantly safer inner cities would be now. Imagine there are no ghettos or section 8 housing popping up amongst the throngs of thriving hard working blue collared neighborhoods.

Imagine a world without the nuisance of basketball. At the very least a game that doesnt include flashy behind the back passes and 360 degree dunks. Just a clean, organized game of jump shots and 3 pointers.

Imagine a world where rap music doesnt exist. No loud bass thumping honda preludes slowly rolling through your neighborhood to the delightment of absolutely no one but the moron in that vehicle. We would of forgot about Dre. He probably would of grown up to become an errand boy for an actual doctor. Snoop would make his family proud as being the first black person to grow weed in their shanty shack. Unfortunately his master found out and beat not only him but all his cousins to death. Eminem, yeah no 8 mile for him because Detroit would still be a booming mecca of a city.

Just imagine how fucking entertaining it would be to have Morgan motherfucking Freeman out in your field picking cotton! His voice alone and narrative talent would make for a most robust and enjoyable experience for all. Even the other slaves.

I mean would we really be missing out on anything if we kept them as slaves? What is the worst that would happen? Washington D.C. not being laid out in neatly arranged OCD induced street patterns? I could do without all that.

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Your being racist

There’s racism in Haiti, or there was. The dark blacks were racist against the lighter mixed blacks and got rid of them. Flat out genocide really. They did that after genociding the whites.

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Troll threads are the best threads.

Man you just blew my mind. Thought blacks can’t be racist

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Congratulations, you win! This is the dumbest thing I’ve read on the Internet today.

LMAO… :laughing:

So you’re going to continue to stay ignorant cause of what happened in the past? You’re picking isolated places, this wasn’t happening everywhere and overall education is still not a priority. How many generations do you need to get over this?

How long did it take immigrant jews who came to the US after the holocaust (who saw worse treatment than any black alive at the time) to start outperforming euro whites on most SES measures?

How long did it take Japanese Americans after internment?

This idea that past wrongs necessarily affect groups for generations and generations is at odds with common sense and many real world examples.


But he doesnt because he is 100% not Jinx. Never will be.

this is not relevant

Seems like the real Jinx to me. Not an expert on the guy or anything though. He passes the smell test at least – filthy, reused manteca and roach spray.

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