LOL at Quincy Rice's Judo

Quincy Rice's guard fucking sucks, it took him like 40 seconds to sweep a guy who didn't even know to go for a crossface a whizzer or shoulder control in half guard, pathetic.

lol @ his Seoi Nage also, he doesn't even bend his knees and pop his ass up, just bends over at the waist.

His footwork on the Seoi Nage was retarded too. Right foot matches up with left exactly, ONE pivot step to match up the left with the right, not step in to the middle lose your balance cause your legs are too close together and have to replant your foot.

You also don't hold the arm like that, you thrust the throwing arm hard into the armpit so they are lifted off the ground AND forward so the throw will actually work, that throw had no kuzushi on it at all, no way you can seoi nage anyone without severely breaking their balance and doing it exactly right, it's very low percentage in open sparring.

Really though, at least do Judo right if you're gonna do it. Judo does NOT fucking work period unless you do it exactly right.

 Damn, lol.  he's an instructor??

Train judo

Train Judo!!!

judo train

What video did you see him do these in?

rather suck at judo than jiu jitsu


Train the Judo

Jealousy is funny..

Thanks for watching, I appreciate all my fans, the good, the bad and the floppy.



 Chris Clugston Fan, where did this all go down? 

Quincy, at what weight did you compete?  What is your weight now?


Characterised in this thread by a lack of a stiff retort from Quincy.

damn judo- are you really going to get bent over and not stick your ass out?