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Spurs ask to replay West Ham game

Spurs midfielder Michael Carrick was one of the players struck by illness

Tottenham have written to the Premier League to ask if they can replay Sunday's game against West Ham.

Ten Tottenham players were hit by food poisoning before the 2-1 defeat, which ended Spurs' hopes of playing in next year's Champions League.

"Our match at West Ham was effectively a cup final," said Spurs chairman Daniel Levy in an open letter to Premier League chairman Dave Richards.

"Our chances were significantly reduced by the exceptional circumstances."

Levy added that Tottenham's cause was supported by other clubs and he was expecting to be granted a replay.

He added: "We now have confirmation from a majority of Premier League clubs that they would support a replay and in similar circumstances would expect the game to have been postponed.

"We therefore formally request that you order that the game be replayed."

Our governing body put us in an impossible situation and gave a significant advantage to Arsenal
Spurs chairman Daniel Levy
The Premier League board will convene and discuss the contents of Tottenham's letter
A Premier League spokesman

Tottenham needed to match Arsenal's result against Wigan to finish above their rivals and secure fourth spot in the league as well as an opportunity to qualify for the Champions League.

But defeat combined with Arsenal's 4-2 win over Wigan left Spurs in fifth and a place in the Uefa Cup instead.

The Premier League told Spurs they could delay the match until later in the day to give their players time to recover from illness, but the police said they would not sanction a kick-off time after 1700 BST - only two hours after the game was due to begin.

Spurs could have gone ahead and postponed the game until another day, but they would have risked Premier League sanctions, including a points penalty.

BBC Sport understands that because Spurs opted to play the game instead of postponing it and then arguing their case at a hearing, they will not be granted a replay.

The Premier League has said it will dicusss the contents of Levy's letter at a meeting on Wednesday.

But a spokesman said: "Tottenham fulfilled their fixture and as far as the Premier League is concerned the result stands."

But Levy believes the Premier League was "inconsistent in its approach".

"In being given no viable option to postpone the match other than a two-hour delay to kick-off, our players were denied the possible opportunity of competing in the Champions League," he said.

"Also, our fans have been left with a sense of suspicion and injustice at the way subsequent events unfolded.

"We played the game with players who were unwell but who were desperate not to let their fans and colleagues down.

"Clearly, our governing body put us in an impossible situation and gave a significant advantage to Arsenal in competing for that fourth position.

"The Premier League was inconsistent in its approach in being prepared to consider the kick-off to be delayed but not allowing the match to be played on a different day."

Probe into Spurs illness outbreak

Food samples from the Marriott Hotel in east London where Spurs stayed before the West Ham game are being tested by health authorities.

An official criminal investigation has not been launched.

Haha, moaning wankers, I knew this was coming. Hosted Image

LMFAO at that pic....classic!!!

Wouldn't we all like to have some games replayed! Thought this was funny from

Ready steady puke!:
Stop making 
a meal of it... 

In the light of Tottenham's bid to replay the West Ham game (see their FA letter here), we have composed our own list of  matches we wish to have a 2nd crack at:  

Blackburn (a) 1996 - 4,500 Newcastle fans reportedly felt nauseous symptoms when Graham Fenton scored. Twice.  

Everton (a) 1988 - a goal down in 30 seconds? we simply weren't ready.

Partizan (h) 2003 - The Serbians had obviously practiced spot kicks before... 

Our Wembley appearances since 1955. Yes, all of them. But not that stupid football league weekend ...we'll let that go. 

However we are worried that QPR fans may now attempt to have Kevin Keegan's debut match replayed - after all, the scorer himself admitted on camera that the Gallowgate End had sucked the ball into the goal - blatantly unfair.

PS - we especially liked the bit in the letter about the Spurs reserve players rarely playing together - who exactly does play for their reserve team then? 

Lol at all of this - and esp Shotgun Micks stuff.

Good luck on Sat Guvnor - I shall be a Hammer for the day if that's ok....


Happy to have you!!!

I don't even know how I'm going to see it yet....might have to be dodgy chinese streaming...not too many bars open here at 10am.

When I was visiting some friends in Huston ('91 I think) we went to watch the rugby WC final (Eng Vs Aus at Twick) in a bar that opened and served beer at 8am especially - full of ex-pats - great morning, apart from the result....

Always had a soft spot for The Hammers - mum's family from Dagenham so they were all WH regulars - dad was Camden, hence me being a Gooner - hope you find somewhere to watch it and get the right result....


I grew up in Camden my whole life! Most of my friends are gooners.

I got WH from the Old Man (who is a Yank that grew up in Vienna...)

"I got WH from the Old Man (who is a Yank that grew up in Vienna...)"

Wow - there's an interesting combination....


Yeah...long story. Still has an American passport, but has never lived here.