LOL at this new vid from The Onion

Again I searched and didn't see it posted so go f yourself if it has been.

Jesus this is dead on


Haha sounds like a report on the OG Phone Post 3.0

with all the female teachers getting busted  there's probably more truth to this then humor.

No fake or satire news sources can even touch the Onion.

Hilarious vid. Thanks for posting. Phone Post 3.0

Tiresias - 


Reminds of when I was thirteen, and every kid I knew denied wacking off.  "I'm not that desperate" was the usual claim.  Yeah, sure you're not.

Exactly! I remember it was considered so gay and nobody would admit it. Once that door was broken door though you had to hear the fucking schedule and details of all your friends whackage. Must be like when gays can finally come out. They just explode

That was awesome, I wish I was in the 12% who got BJ from Katy Perry.

Anybody see the bottom when it said the average soft penis was 10 inches? What kind of losers would lie about having peens that big? Jeesh

. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0