LOL at Trigg

"Both of these guys are kind of like me, they don't say much."

Yea, Frank, you're not known as a shit-talker or anything.

Ha, he repeated it again in this round. Methinks he's trying to be funny. Mauro is not calling him on it.

Even my wife commented on that!

She was like..."What the fuck is Trigg talking about??"

sarcasm is anger's ugly cousin

Yea, Mauro really stinks. So many awful jokes and analogies, he's like a hyperactive fanboy who doesn't really know what he's talking about.

lol at the anger management reference, that was on last night!

Mauro is simply a low level pro wrestling announcer calling MMA.


Photo from Mauro and trigg..with hair!

trig sucks as an announcer.

Sorry I gave him a chance but he is not entertaining and is just plain dull that other dude Mauro, man he is at the top of mount suck!

Canadian accent LMAO

Triggs sucked. Maybe Bas was onto something when he left!

I liked Trigg. He did a good job.

I miss Bas already.

I think Trigg did fine