LOL at UFC 71

I am pretty sure everyone who's a fan of the UFC has noticed the pattern
with UFC PPV's. They will have a championship fight and one contender's
match. The rest seems to be just filler or pitting "TUF" fighters against
fighters who they should beat. If you are one of the best MMA companies
in the world, shouldn't you be trying to have the best fights possible
(especially on a $40.00 PPV). I really do want to see Liddell vs. Jackson
fight, and maybe the Parisyan vs. Burkman fight aswell but the rest of the
card is not worth buying the PPV.

I am buying for sure, some great fight on this card , and on the top of the night we get Liddel vs Rampage !

Worth it !

liddell,rampage,karo,jardine,thaigo silva,...all top contenders right there

not the biggest name card top to bottom but definitly some figths I am lookin forward too.

i think it's pretty clear who came into mma from other real fighting sports like boxing, and who the people who never got over pro wrestling are.

there's three really good fights on this card. that's a lot for a ppv.

yeah, pride had more fights per card (in your opinion) that were "championshiop calibre", and they went out of fucking business, so get over it. if that was a practicable business model, they'd have acquired the ufc.

the shit doesn't work, so it went away. that's capitalism in action. lots of cute ideas have failed to pan out, and crying doesn't bring them back.

r.i.p. booberry cereal.

Anything with Chack is going to sell

that undercard is awful. this is definitely becoming a pattern

I knew when ZUFFA put Danny Abbadi on a PPV (even if it was a prelim) it was a bad sign...

Salavery vs Martin ...counterfightr vs a hard chager should be exciting if Martin does what he alwasy does.

Karo vs Burkman...Karo is rarely boring.

Liddel vs Rampage.

This card is bad again cuz why?

Sorry I don't see it.

UFC 71 will probably produce a live gate of well over $3,000,000 and at least 700,000 ppv buys. In other words, it will be a big success.


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I'm curious about something:

I read a lot of complaining about UFC cards. How many people buy the PPV's at home vs. going to a bar to watch?

I always go to a place called Ringer's here in Austin. Its $10 cover charge is much better than the price I'd pay to get it at home, plus I get to hang with hundreds of MMA fans, and drink good beer.

I probably end up spending the same amount I would at home with the drinking, but its a hell of a lot more fun. IMO, a $10 cover is way better than $40 PPV buy, and even if the card does completely suck (I have yet to walk out of there disappointed), I'm only out $10 (+ booze $$).

Thoughts? Anyone...?

Don't like it then don't watch it!!!!!!

Every person here complaining will be tuning in anyway so STFU!!!!!!

"And Dana, if you think only ONE ppv type fight will sell a butt load of ppvs, buddy you are in a fantasy world."

Yes, the fantasy world called "reality". Have you noticed that the cards headlined by Chuck tend to have the weakest undercards? It's not a coincidence. Chuck is a proven PPV draw and doesn't need a strong undercard to sell.

I think for just the chance to see another one of Salmon's crane kick is worth the price of PPV.

I'm looking forward to the whole card. And hoping that Kalib chokes
Leben out again.

I haven't bought a UFC ppv since Hughes/Royce, and that was the first in long time too. It was a disappointment, too.

The point of having a ppv with a mediocre card escapes me.

I probably have 14 hours of mma recorded on my DVR, which is about 2 weeks worth of the free mma on TV, and I struggle to find enough time to watch that.

How in the hell do I justify spending $$$ on a ppv when there is just as much talent fighting on free tv, but way more hours of it?

I think the UFC ppv business model will implode in a few years unless they buy out absolutely all of the competition on free tv.

LoL at this.

Have you guys ever ordered a boxing PPV ? Have a look at ODH vs PBF! you got 3 FIGHTS!!!!

LoL, u are getting a great main event, and a lot of under card fights, and its only $40 or what ever...

if you don't like it, then don't buy, but at the moment, we are spoiled compared to boxing.