LOL @ BJJ Getting PWN3D

Anyone else see that dude get smashed on his head when he foolishly tried to use bjj on the concrete?

Throw your hands for christ sakes!

Not the smartest move, doodz!

Seriously just never end up on the bottom in a street fight its so easy!

" The real problem is that he was going for the tap, when he should have looked for a snap"

It's generally a stupid idea to be on the ground in any street fight if you can help it. Forget the concrete, he was lucky there weren't "friends" around to start kicking him in his head while he was on his back...

How many times do I have to point out that this was not a "street fight". Noah was trying to grapple and Marlon turned it into a hardcore fight.

When I saw the clip of the fight I thought to myself that some self-defense guy is probably going to post up a blog or something talking about that fight and how grappling doesn't work on concrete...blah...blah...blah...wing chun is made for the streets...blah...blah...blah.

Well, Noah did go for the Cro Cop.

William get back to the OG where you belong. The world needs more pictures of busty models!!!

Why don't people hook the leg?

/\/\/\/\ Probably just forgot to hook the leg.

Marlon started it by dumping Noah off the chair first. Let's get that straight.

Then, Marlon proceeded to pull a pussy move by standing there with his chin out begging Noah to punch him knowing that this would possibly make it look to Dana like he was a victim defending himself if Noah did hit him.

Noah threw what basically amounted to a feignt punch just to go for the takedown because the whole premise of the fight was to grapple and see if Marlon would tap.

Marlon proceeds to purposely slam Noah on a concrete curb. When they get back up suddenly Marlon doesn't want to fight and get kicked out of the house after he started the whole thing and actually tried to do real damage to someone.

I admit that Noah shouldn't have thrown the kick. However, he pulled the kick and didn't try to knock him out with it. Otherwise, Marlon wouldn't have been standing there smiling. I assume he was pissed about what Marlon tried to do to him slamming him on the curb.

Finally, we end up with Noah trying to shake hands and call it quits. Then, Marlon decides he doesn't want to quit so he attacks Noah with a barrage of punches and kicks.

What is Noah supposed to do? I don't think anyone would have ever thought that someone in that house would try to spike a guy on the concrete no matter how heated things got.

The whole premise of the fight was not just to grapple. Noah wanted to prove how tough he was and started crying like baby at the end when he was getting his ass kicked. I have never heard a man cry like him in a fight. Pretty pathetic in my opinion.

it's a good thing they were still kind of in an mma state of mind and the street mentality didn't kick in (picking up objects, ball stomping, slamming head on concrete repeatedly).

  1. Isn't Noah a blue belt in BJJ?

  2. Why didn't he hook the leg? Anytime you're on bottom, whether it be MMA or submission grappling, you should hook the leg when going for an armbar or a triangle.

  3. He used his BJJ on another MMA fighter (not a great one, I'll give you that), not some newb.

He's lucky he wasn't on ice and all the attackers weren't wearing motorcycle helmets and on PCP.

"Then, Marlon proceeded to pull a pussy move by standing there with his chin out begging Noah to punch him knowing that this would possibly make it look to Dana like he was a victim defending himself if Noah did hit him."

Noah needed to bust out the Bitch Slap in this situation, aka Rickson vs. Hugo Duarte on the beach. 

But in any case, it is in no way a "sucker punch" if you stand there, offer the guy your chin, and say "hit me".  A sucker punch is a punch thrown when you are not looking or expecting it.  If you are sticking your chin out and inviting it, you are quite literally asking for it, and should be expecting to deal with what happens next. 

Well the fact that both fighters had really sucky BJJ might play a fact on why it didn't work. If that was a more experienced BJJ guy like Nate Diaz on bottom Marlon probaly would have a broken arm and after Diaz snapped the arm he would probaly get up and kick Sims in the head.

So many TUF newbs on this thread