LOL California

California gas taxes went up today, for the fourth year in a row. Regular gas went up $0.12 per gallon, diesel goes up $0.20 per gallon. California already had the highest gas taxes and average prices in America.

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Did it go up that much? I swear to god I don’t even pay attention to these anymore.

Keep your mouth quiet and bend over for ol Joey!

I should’ve bought a Prius

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California needs a sub forum for all the dumb things their politicians do.

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I like LOL California as the name


I was paying around $4.09 for diesel about 6 months ago in California. Around $3 in Kansas presently.

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Fuck this stupid ass state. Why do I have to pay more tax than my friend that doesn’t drive a diesel? Lame as fuck. Gas here is ridiculous.

My daughter just registered her car here as well. $25.

Knowing how Illinois is, they probably aren’t going to be happy not having the highest gas taxes and raise them again.

I believe California’s mindset is - if you don’t like it, leave.

This is their goal. To get everyone on electric vehicles. Except the problem is they’re asking people to not even charge their vehicles due to the high usage of electricity, particularly in the summer just from people running their a/c.

$3.29 in central IL this morning… unreal.

Prius are hybrids but I agree with you

Everything in California happens incrementally so the citizens accept it and get normalized to their yearly ass-rapings.

2.85 in not FL. Do not come to fl

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No it isn’t. It’s more escape from NY. Remember they want to pass a bill wherefl former CA residents still have to pay taxes 10 years after leaving. And they banned state travel to "racist " states.
For an ideology that hates walls and loves people escaping poverty stricken corrupted areas, they sure want people to stay in theirs and build a proverbial legal wall. And hate you if you try doing the same thing our southern neighbors are trying to do, escape.


Nailed it.

Illinois assholes talked about that tax after leaving.

That can’t be constitutional… I hope

For 89 octane, it’s about $4 in Cook County