LOL @ Chael

 Just LOL

All the shit he talks.  Tells Anderson to join a gang. 

What a lowlife scumbag.  I know, he should get a pass since he goes in there and puts it all on the line right?

frontrowracist is on suicide watch.

 He still beat that ass

white collar criminals are still criminals Phone Post

Archer0545 -  He still beat that ass


Is there anything this guy won't try to cheat at?

Chael would take your lunch money you little bitch. Phone Post

Too bad he lost the fight with Andy, lost his drug test, and lost to the fraud charges. If that's not losing in the worst of ways, I don't know what is. Phone Post

So, Chaet would fraud a UGer out of his lunch money? Is there no end to his evil ways? Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

Fake tappin, steroid injected, real estate fraudin, lance armstrong hatein, mexican deiriding mother fucker!

So maybe he doesn't owe that soda in the fridge to Dana! What a scumbag!

The feds should take all that soda back!  


meaning he did not plead guilty?

 Chael Sonnen MMA funny gif busted real estate money laundering

He beat that ass. He can say whatever he wants as long as he backs it up. He would wipe out the devision. He knows this. Everyone is fair game

perfy - Is there anything this guy won't try to cheat at?


Maybe since he's a felon now he won't be able to leave the state.

 Chael is a joke now

He was on roid when he supposedly beat that ass. What a scumbag.